Welcome to my site!

Charles here and I’m straight out of Silicon Valley!

I built this website to help you build your own business so that you can create freedom (financial, time, and location).

About Me

I enjoy watching movies with the family. I like many genres and probably watch at least 1 movie every day. I like most of the Clint Eastwood movies (but I don’t share those with the kids).

I’m just an ordinary guy that started a business online to pay off my debts.

I’m also not an introvert. If I’m at a party, I’ll certainly share info about my business if a person really is interested. I just don’t make it a point to attend parties to do business.

I have a family and I wish to spend more time with them. I believe that people can get to know each other using the internet as a medium and also use it to conduct business.

I’m not going anything super unique in my business. I just follow a system and learn from my mistakes. In doing so, I’ve been able to create a nice business and help others do the same.

When people tell me that business is tough, or they don’t have enough time, my internal concept is if there’s a will there’s a way. I’ve always had the will and I just took action without making excuses.

There’s plenty of room for you to build your business as well! The internet is still at its infancy stage and you can take advantage of all the great technologies that are available to you to help you grow your business. I wish you a successful future!

See you at the top!