Agel Review

By Terry Lynn - Updated on 01/26/2021
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This review was written close to a decade ago. Agel isn’t around anymore. I’m just keeping this page up for historic purposes.

We all strive to be wealthy in our life but getting to that point is a whole different story. The business world is full of scams and as consumers it is our responsibility to find out which business opportunities are scams or real. I am sure you have heard of The Agel Business opportunity but you are probably not sure whether it is real or fake?

What is the Agel Business Opportunity?

The Agel Business is a multi level marketing (aka MLM) company that sells a dietary product. You make your money by selling the company’s products and by bringing other interested participants into the companies program. You will get a sales commission on the product as well as a commission on every person that you refer to the company. On top of that you will get a percentage of everything that your referrals sell. This is why it is called a multi level marketing company. It has many different layers and levels and to be successful you must climb to the upper levels.

Will I Make Millions?

It is possible for you to make millions but not probable. Let me explain. You would have to sell thousands of products and refer over one thousand executive level employees in order to be a millionaire. It is not impossible to achieve just very hard. However, you can make an honest living. If you apply yourself and market your product accordingly you can make good money.

Is There An Investment?

Just like with any other multi level marketing company the Agel Business does require some money to start. First, you must buy your way into the company. They have several different levels from which you can choose from. The prices range from one hundred and fifty dollars all the way up to five thousand dollars. You will also have to invest a little money into marketing and advertising so that you will be able to sell your product. The last investment is simply the time that you spend getting your business started and keeping it going!

Disclaimer: Truth on MLM is supported by its readers. We earn commission from qualifying purchases.
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