Attraction Marketing – How to Use It To Build Your Business

red-24287_150Have you ever wondered how you could build your MLM business using attraction marketing? What if you could attract people to your business like a magnet…there would be no need to chase after your friends and family members. While most MLM’s teach the warm market strategy, I realized that it’s tough for MLM newbies to chase after people (especially people that are close to you). There aren’t that many people that I know that love to get rejected. Some of the reasons I decided to put together my attraction marketing training reports is to teach others how to build an automated business machine that allows you to build a business without chasing after your friends and family, without doing house meetings, and without going to weekly hotel or office meetings.

Here’s the traditional MLM system (which differs from the attraction marketing method):

  • Put together a list of people you know (ie. a top 25 or even a top 100 list) with their contact information
  • Note who has a job, married, has kids, is possibly frustrated in their job…ie
  • Do a 3-way call with your upline or call them directly to invite them to an opportunity meeting
  • If they ask too many questions, try not to answer them and tell them that they have to attend the meeting to learn more.
  • Have them go to a meeting where almost every body has a positive vibe
  • Set up a meeting on the spot or for a different day
  • Convert them to a buyer or a recruit or both
  • Rinse and repeat

Does that MLM system sound familiar?

If you’ve been in the industry, you might have experienced something similar. After all, most of them have duplicated the system from one of the oldest MLM’s in the world, Amway (which was founded in 1959).

Does the system work? Yes it does. In fact,I have close friends that have used it successfully to build 4-5 figure incomes a month.

Why fix something if it ain’t broken?

I’m not trying to fix something for everybody. One of the things I tell my business partners is that there are many ways to build a business. Using multiple strategies helps you diversify. Also, I’d like to offer a way to build a business in a way that is easier to duplicate.

There are a lot of MLM’s that focus on building leadership and creating life changes. That’s great. However, it’s a known fact that it’s not easy to change people. Also, people follow the path of least resistance.

Don’t You Think People Would Like to Follow a System that Has Less Rejection and Excellent Results?

So here’s the attraction marketing methods I’d like to teach in the MLM training reports:

  • Build your business anytime you want
  • Use duplicatable promotional strategies that you can do at the convenience of your home (or even any place that has an internet connection).
  • Focus your efforts on people that are actually looking to build a business or want to generate residual income
  • Have them come to you! You become the hunted instead of becoming the hunter.
  • Experience less rejection – without contacting your friends, relative, or even cold prospects
  • Let an online system do most of the communication/selling – not you!

If you’d like to learn more, go to my MLM attraction marketing training page.

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  1. Sharon
    October 26, 2013 at 7:38 pm

    This is the first time that I’ve heard of attraction marketing. I just signed up for your free training. Thank you for offering the material. Does this work for all home busineses?

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