Blog Beast Review

By Terry Lynn - Updated on 01/26/2021
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This Blog Beast review is pretty old, so I’m surprised that you’ve stumbled into it. If you’re here because you’re feeling a bit nostalgic, then keep on reading. If you’re here because you want to start your own network marketing block, then I recommend that you go here.

I wrote this blog back when Empower Network is around and still cool. While it had a relatively short life, times were good while it was around and the leaders were actually empowering.

Without further delay, here’s the scoop…

If you’re curious about what Blog Beast is about and if it’s a scam or not, you’ve come to the right place. In this Blog Beast Review, I’ll go over the Empower Network, the good, and the bad. There’s been a lot of hype of their system and you will not find any of that here.

What Is Blog Beast?

You might be wondering “what kind of name is that for a product or system?” Yeah, I must admit that it does sound kind of strange. The 2 Dave’s (David Wood and David Sharpe) thought it was a sexy name instead of calling Empower Network V2. After all, 2.0 has been used quite a bit ever since social media / web 2.0 became popular years ago.

You might have heard about the 2 Dave’s before. The story I’ve heard about was David Wood’s story – the dude that lived in a van…he was homeless and then used blogging to make multiple 7-figures. I know it sounds crazy, but I truly believe his story.

Product-wise, Blog Beast is a blogging platform that offers a lot of automation. Here’s what I found:

  • Blog Beast allows 10 Blog Beast blogs per an account
  • It utilizes a highly customizable, responsive theme so it can work on mobile devices as well as on desktops.
  • It allows mobile blogging. So you can use an app to post content on-the-fly through your phone through regular text blogs or even through media such as pictures video. No need to manually convert, no need to go through upload screens manually.
  • When you post, it allows auto search engine optimization (SEO) (ie. meta tags) and it allows custom meta tags
  • You can manage multiple blogs from 1 spot. There’s no need to leave the dashboard to go to another one and there’s no need to login into multiple systems. You simply pick the blog you want to post to and blog away.
  • This isn’t like the older platform (which I’ll call EN blog v1) where looks or operates like a limited WordPress network (multisite) blog. It’s far from a WordPress blog and I couldn’t identify any WordPress syntax/tags in the template.
  • The new Blog Beast platform allows a person to jump into any niche, not just business opportunities.
  • When you post, you can also choose to blog (or reblog). This is a viral component and it simplifies content curation and a system similar to retweeting (through reblogging).
  • The system is geared for people that just want the results, not to fiddle around with WordPress plugins and become a web designer or developer.
  • They’re now using subdomains. So you can also use a purchased domain as your primary domain and configure your blog to use it (instead of the subdomain).

I’ve gone over a lot of stuff, but let’s dive into:

What’s So Good About the Blog Beast Viral Blogging System?

It’s simple! If your main goal is simplicity, efficiency and of course to make money in your business, this is what the system is designed for. They’re system does use a blogging applications and from what I’ve seen so far, it’s easier to use than the WordPress application on my Android smartphone.

For people that don’t know much about SEO or getting the most results from blogging via the search engines, you can get better results without much effort. The auto SEO meta tag system automatically analyzes your content to come up with relevant meta tags. I do understand that you can do this with WordPress with plugins. However, the idea behind this blogging system is to utilize a Sofware as a Service (SAAS) instead of trying to become a webmaster, web developer, or web designer that manages their own hosting account. This simplifies the process by offering a system designed to get traffic instead of you designing the system on your own. Even though I’ve had many years of experience as a web designer and web developer, I’d rather start up a blog in minutes instead of hours or day if my main intent is to use it to generate income.

What I like about this system is that I don’t have to worry about the hardware. It’s a SAAS that I’m paying for. They manage everything. So I can get tons of traffic and I don’t have to worry about not having enough bandwidth. If you’re new to web hosting, there are a lot of web hosts that say they allow unlimited bandwidth. That’s a bait and switch strategy. Once you get a lot of traffic, they can stop your site because you’re affecting other sites on a shared or reseller account. In fact, I built a site that I wish was on this platform since the hosting provider wanted to convert the site to a dedicated server to handle the traffic load…and that’s $100+ a month for what they wanted. So instead of allowing the traffic to pass through like crazy, we limited the traffic (which sucks) to reduce hosting costs. With Blog Beast, I don’t have to worry about that.

What’s Bad About Blog Beast?

I’ve seen this all over the web:

Do You Believe the 2 Dave’s Were Homeless…There’s a Bunch of Those Scam Stories All Over the Place

That one I heard from a friend:) It doesn’t bother me as he’s right. A lot of marketers use far fetched stories to sell. However, being homeless and eating turd for a living is different compared to a guy that was homeless that lives in a van. David Wood does carry himself like a nomadic hippy, so I don’t doubt it after seeing him live. I do have to say that the 2 Dave’s certainly know how to use the power of influence and persuasion and some people get put off by that since it is using proven elements of copywriting – stuff that sells.

Empower Network or Blog Beast Is a SCAM

I read the reasons and I’d like to go over what I think about some of them. The big one is why pay for something like this if you can use sites like for free. There are a lot of free platforms out there. However, they aren’t the same. You can’t compare a system that has automation to one that doesn’t. That’s not a fair comparison. Yeah, I could also use a bunch of other systems out there. I could also travel to the work with low cost public transportation but I choose not too. We have alot of options in business and life, and you just have to compare and see what’s write for you…but keep the comparison fair.

Here’s another one:

Blog Beast is a Ponzi Scheme

If you’re cool with legitimate residual income, then keep reading. If you’re not, obviously your on the wrong site. This site focuses on programs that have residual income. In many cases, that means traditional and modern day multi-tier affiliate programs (ie. multi-level affiliate programs). There are some people that think that any company that offers this structure is a scam. That’s just ignorance. There are scams and there are legitimate companies. Of course, I can’t tell the future, but if a company offers a legitimate product at a reasonable price and allows people to promote it (using a multi-tier system) it is not a scam as far as what I mentioned…not talking about how people utilize the system unethically.

I do understand the rationale – people experienced something bad in the past, and they psychologically link anything that’s similar to the Blog Beasts’ commission structure. After all, who loves being “recruited” via a hard sell, opportunity party or meeting…from your friend or family member. With that being said, Empower Network don’t use traditional commission models such as stair-step breakaway, binary, or matrix. This post isn’t about the commission structure, so I’ll have to post more about that in the future.

Why Not Promote a Real Affiliate Program?

My reason? I still promote single tier affiliate programs, 2-tier programs and other multi-tier programs. It’s all about diversifying my income and because I just like to do that. Besides diversifying my income sources, I like to earn income through other like-minded people – that’s a win-win situation in my mind. The reason why I say like-minded is because some people can’t stand earning money off other peoples efforts. For me, I don’t mind and that’s just a personal choice. I would rather build a business through the efforts of 100 or 10000 people compared to earning just from my efforts alone – and that’s what Empower Network and the Blog Beast System allow. The people that don’t like multi-tier programs are obviously not like-minded people, and I understand that a bunch of people are in this boat – that’s why it’s so easy to bad mouth Blog Beast, Empower Network, and similar companies as most people follow the herd.

Well enough of my ranting! If you’re interested in building your own business blog, go here.

Disclaimer: Truth on MLM is supported by its readers. We earn commission from qualifying purchases.
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