3 Ways How to Promote Your MLM Business

By Terry Lynn - Updated on 12/30/2020
Promote globally

In this article, I’ll go over some ways you can build your network marketing business offline.

Hold Public Seminars

Public seminars are a good way to build a business by communicating with many people in 1 shot. I used to do this when I was in the financial business and it’s something in my future plans for my health business. If you go through professional seminar shops, then it could be pretty expensive. Using these, you’ll be paying for a hotel or other huge facility, audio video equipment, and all the mailers. If you want to save money, check out adult schools and public libraries. With these, advertising is free or extremely cheap.

Market Your Business Online

Using this method, you can reach out to hundreds or thousands a day. The cost is relatively low and you can build your network marketing business by creating your own blog, videos, or by writing your own articles. All of these can be done very easily and can even be build for free if you put your time into it!

Post on Bulletin Boards

This is a classic method for getting the word out. Some supermarkets, coffee shops, schools, libraries, and restaurants offer the ability for you to post your own flyers on their boards. Make sure that you comply with their own rules or guidelines, as every place is different. For example, some bulletin boards are for local businesses only, some only will keep your post for a week…and some for months.

To create a response getting flyer, include a headline, bullets of problems you’ll solve, and a call to action. Sometimes pictures and graphics help too! There are tons of people that want to lose weight and get fit!

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