A Review of the MLM Superhero – Darren Little

By Terry Lynn - Updated on 01/26/2021
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In this article, I’ll provide my Darren Little review. He’s also known as the MLM Superhero.

Keep in mind that I put this together back in 2012 🙂 This is more of my Darren Little “super rough draft” archive from back then…kinda like a minimal viable article. Maybe one of these days I’ll update it with some of Darren’s new stuff.

Without further delay, here’s the review…

The Secrets of the MLM Superhero

MLM Superhero is an internet marketing business created by Darren Little, he named this MLM company MLM Superhero simply because he likes superheroes. He tells the people who are interested that he is starting to use a boot camp that helps you learn more about the company and teaches you the secrets of the internet marketing business. This boot camp is seven days long and is supported by Magnetic Sponsoring.

Darren Little hopes that you will learn a lot and use what you learn in the marketing business. Many other marketing business owners agree that Magnetic Sponsoring is a great tool for teaching people who are interested how to become successful in earning money through home based network marketing. Daegen Smith, Brian Finale, Jonathan Budd, Norbert Orlewitz, and Raven Starre are all leaders and they all say that Magnetic Sponsoring helps people a lot.

What is the most difficult thing to overcome as a internet marketing business owner? How many people you still have or is it how much money you are able to make a month? For most online business owners, it is how to keep and gain more people that are committed and that help build the business bigger. To keep those people means that you will earn money but if you don’t have any then your business will not be successful. Home business owners use the Magnetic Sponsoring 7 Day Marketing Boot camp to help stop these problems. When these problems are stopped you can run your business smoothly and earn more and more money.

That is the reason why so many business owners are using it to improve their business. So now Darren Little is supporting the Magnetic Sponsoring 7 Day Marketing Boot camp for free. He also helped to write “Chicken Soup for the Network Marketers Soul,” along with Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen. Darren Little is the co-author of MLM Affiliate Magic. Darren Little has helped to write many books and wants to help online business owners. With the Magnetic Sponsoring, Darren teaches the network marketing business owners to expand their businesses and also how to use the global internet to build their business. As you see Darren Little know a lot about the marketing business and is supporting very useful tools to try to help you if you need it.

The Avenger Project-10 People Becoming Masters in the Marketing

Do you want to be chosen to be one of the ten people that are going to be trained in the Avenger Project? What is the Avenger Project? Who is starting it? All those questions that you are thinking about are all going to be answered in this article very soon, but first do you know the MLM Superhero? If you don’t I will tell you what it is.

The MLM Superhero is a multi level marketing business, MLM, that was created by Darren Little. MLM Superhero is creating a new project called the Avenger Project, this is a training program that is going to be starting in July this year. Ten people will be chosen to train in this program and they will get $12,000 for personal growth, training, and coaching. These students that aim to become successful business owners will be taught how to start and make money easily from this industry. Darren Little will help them learn how to become skilled recruiters. He will also wants to help them create their own marketing business and help them earn as much or more as in a full time job in the marketing business field. This program going to be very successful.

Eric Green from North Carolina was the first one to be experimented, and he had become successful in 40 days. Darren Little states that “with the right amount of training, it takes less than 90 days to become very successful in the MLM business. Darren says that Eric Green is living proof that this program will become successful and help many others that want to become successful and skilled in the internet marketing business.Through this project he wants to create many skilled recruiters and help them make full time earnings.

You’re wondering, who is this mysterious Darren Little? Why is he so important and why is he so successful? Darren Little has helped make many websites and businesses. Also businesses for other people, like Pamela Anderson business in Blue Zone Girl poster and Labatt’s Brewing Company. Darren helped to sell beer posters around North America. He also became the vice president of marketing in Advanced Gaming Technology and GIC, Global Intertainment Company. In GIC, his methods of campaigning raised millions of money and the company earned as much as $70 million per day in trading. Darren created the website called Bingo.com in 1999, through campaigning he earn $12 million and then started the website AbleAuction.com . He became the co-creator of the website called Blackjack.com, which became the first multi player blackjack tournament software. Those are just some of his successes from his career.

MLM Superhero – Another Success

The MLM Superhero has created another success! In less than 90 days, Eric Green was one of those success stories. He states that anyone who gets the right amount of training can become very successful in less than 90 days.

Now another person from North Carolina has succeeded thanks to the MLM Superhero. Her name is Natalie Griffith, she says that it was hard work but it was very worth it because now she is earning more than she ever had. Just after 45 days of joining MLM Superhero, she has become successful in the ViSalus Sciences Body by Vi-90 day challenge and become the Regional Director as one of the Independent Promoters. She not only became a Regional Director, but she also made more than $12,500 in sale her sales volume in 30 days. The amount she made in that amount of time, she is able to get $600 to pay for a black BMW that is less than 11 years old. She states that she is lucky to have been able to go through the marketing business training made by MLM Superhero because she is earning more and more money.

MLM Superhero helps other that are very interested to becoming successful and building a successful business. Are you wondering about The 90-Day Challenge by Vi and what is ViSalus? ViSalus is a network marketing business that advertises health, life, and wellness. This network business includes people who care a lot about health and etc. ViSalus was first introduced in 2005. The business name is very meaningful, “Vi” means the root of life and “Salus” means health and wellness. Since Natalie has become so good at the network marketing business, she has become well known to many people including Darren Little. Darren Little feels that anyone that Natalie works with will be surprised by the way Natalie leads and how much she wants to give back to the business so that she can make a difference in the network marketing business. That is why Natalie has become a successful business owner and how useful the training programs are.

The MLM Superhero Releases His MLM Affiliate Magic Book

On the 28th of May, Darren Little (the MLM Superhero) announced the release of MLM Affiliate Magic. So I decided to check it out.

The first thing that I noticed is that he’s using a Norbit MLSP (My Lead System PRO) website. Is it me or is anybody else tired of seeing all of internet-based MLM dudes use Norbit’s system? It’s a cool system…but maybe it’s just the sound of hearing Norbit or watching his videos over and over again that drives me nuts. I have to admit, Norbit sure did a good job marketing MLSP since there are tons of people using it.

ughmmmm…. I digress…

So I decided to download the report. What created the trigger was that he contributed some content to one of the Chicken Soup books. That was great way for Darren to create credibility and to position himself as an authority. I downloaded the ebook and it’s a huge one – 104 pages of meaty content.

There is a lot of good content in it. You won’t find a bunch of techie, step-by-step instructions. He provides a lot of great suggestions and promoted MLSP a lot. Great content for newbies.

I have to say, this was an awesome lead magnet and it compelled me to learn more about Darren Little.

Probably the best takeaway was how it compelled me…he created trust and built himself up as a go-to guy for MLM affiliate marketing. It’s something that I’ve learned from and will implement in my business.

Disclaimer: Truth on MLM is supported by its readers. We earn commission from qualifying purchases.
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