GVO Business Opportunity Review

By Terry Lynn - Updated on 12/30/2020
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GVO Business Opportunity

In this article, I’ll go over my GVO business opportunity review.

Global Virtual Opportunities has been in the online network marketing business for 12 years and provides array of quality products for online marketers. Their vision is to empower the online marketers to brand and help them strengthen their brand, business and lifestyle. GVO’s service is especially directed towards businesses that want to create some steam by getting more traffic and customers.

With the increasing ratio of cyber crimes, investing in an online marketing company is usually a nerve-racking thought. Several questions related to the legitimacy of the company start popping in our heads. That being said, Is GVO a real business opportunity or a scam? Let us examine this question in the aforementioned paragraphs and judge for ourselves whether we should step forward to shake hands with them or bid them adios.

What Makes GVO Unique

This unique online business marketing firm offers a combined benefit of both general services and internet marketing services to online marketers, impacting their businesses in a positive frame. They have successfully maintained a high level retention rate, which only most of us can dream. Despite shutting down their operations in Canada and not competing for business for two years, they managed to maintain their distributors, representatives and consumers. GVO services compete with companies that generate revenues exclusively through network marketing.

GVO History

Kiosk CEO Joel Therien migrated from Canada to San Antonio, Texas due to the scarcity in bandwidth, and launched GVO. After 2 years, the company launched their website hosting, email marketing system, and easy video producer. I became a customer so did thousands of others. Joel’s success was created through his network marketing strategies.

Is GVO a Scam?

IMHO, nope. It’s a legit business and they’ve just used the network marketing concept to greatly expand their business. Word of mouth really worked out for GVO and I attribute this to their offerings. The GVO staff is very quick in their customer service, and their blog is updated weekly, providing technical updates, company updates and unique selling propositions.

Company Website: https://gogvo.com

Disclaimer: Truth on MLM is supported by its readers. We earn commission from qualifying purchases.
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