Herbalife Review

By Terry Lynn - Updated on 12/30/2020
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In this article, I’ll provide my Herbalife review.

Herbalife, a business opportunity for individuals to become distributors of nutrition, weight loss and personal care products, has been in business since 1980. Since then, questions have been raised whether Herbalife is a scam. On the other hand, people who have been distributors and consumers of Herbalife products for years swear by them. How do you know what to look for to find out if its a scam? I’ve created this short report to help you out.

If you’re in an area with an Herbalife office, then chances are that you can visit the office and learn more first hand. Others can get the chance through opportunity meetings. Beyond those, you still need to do research outside the Herbalife umbrella.

The Compensation Model

Almost every MLM company pushes their own compensation model as being the best slice of bread. What you need to know is no matter how hypie Herbalife distributors may sound, the truth of the matter is that have one of the oldest (and weakest) compensation plans for the new distributor. They utilize something called the “stair-step breakaway” compensation model. To sum it up, this means that people on the top have more of an advantage since their able to “breakaway” a strong leg from you. Imagine training a leg of sponsorship and growing it to thousands of people and then not being able to reap the rewards for the long term because your sponsor gets more of the benefit for themselves. The reasoning: they worked hard to build your team (but that isn’t always the case).

Building Your Business Online

Herbalife does have some great products. What you need to understand in business is that you’ll need to know how to market and sell. One of the easiest, low risk ways to do this is by using the internet. While there are “loopholes” that allow you to do this, Herbalife is a long-term business and you should use internet marketing loopholes and risk your business (especially since most of the net-based methods aren’t approved by the company). Herbalife’s main strategy that they promote is old fashion (but still effective) word of mouth marketing. The problem with this strategy is that it takes a lot of time, it requires you to actually do a lot of work up front in person, and it’s a high risk (time/money wise) method compared to marketing using the internet.

Can you use the internet for your Herbalife business? Probably most distributors that would like to recruit you would say yes. The real question is “Can you really build an Herbalife business effectively by marketing it online?” – my response, no.

In Conclusion

Herbalife is a legit company and does have great products. The question is, can you really build a business from it effectively and fast compared to other companies. I build my business any way that I can – offline and online. If you’re being restricted online, you’ll be leaving a lot on the table.

The more flexible your business is, the more easy it will be for you and your downline.

Company website: https://www.herbalife.com.

Disclaimer: Truth on MLM is supported by its readers. We earn commission from qualifying purchases.
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