Investment Advisors International Review

By Terry Lynn - Updated on 12/30/2020
prospecting and recruiting

If you’re looking form information Investment Advisors International, here’s my archived review from close to a decade ago.

A World Financial Group(WFG) rep sent me an email and told me he was an investment advisor. He sent me a link to

When I first saw it I was amazed. I started to think that my buddy climbed up the rank in his financial career.

We had been buddies in WFG while I was in it and it was great to see some professionalism.

However, I scrolled down the website and noticed:
11315 Johns Creek Parkway in Duluth, Georgia

I remembered that this was the address of World Financial Group (yeah…I’ve actually gone to the headquarters).

This is just another form of “self-promotion”. It’s a great tool for prospects to see something professional and earn some credibility.

However, this is also a tactic that I think sucks if you’re using it to gain credibility or authority as a financial professional.

It’s like saying, I’m such a great person because my mom tells me that.

The point is this, in business if you’re trying to show some proof or gain some credibility, 3rd party organizations or companies that are totally disconnected from yours is better.

Well in this case, that’s not possible. IAI is an investment advisory firm for World Financial Group. It sounds much cooler than World Financial Group and it’s a great word to pitch instead of using Aegon or WRL. Otherwise, prospects would be digging up a bunch of old dirt online about WFG.

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