Joining Empower Network?

By Terry Lynn - Updated on 01/26/2021
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If you’re looking to join Empower Network…

Sad news – the company is now defunct!

Here’s an archived post from 2012 for historical purposes. As disclaimer, this is only for educational and information purposes only.

You are wondering about how to become a part of Empower Network, right? Or you’re curious about what it is? Empower is an affiliate marketing business. To join this online business is really simple, you just need to follow these instructions to join. The first step to join is to click the link to go to the join page. You can also go to the join page by clicking the “add to cart” button after you watch the introductory video.

Once you are on the join page, you enter your contact information and decide what your user name will be. After verify who your sponsor will be in the box and then submit the information by clicking the confirm button. Then you will pay the membership fee, which is $25 per month. After you pay the membership fee, you are provided with your Empower Network blog and much more, such as sales introductory videos, other videos and audios, training PDFs for starters, and also a Lead Capture Page.

This information can be found at The Empower Network is a great internet business. Empower Network was created by David Sharpe and David Wood, the company was first introduced on October 31, 2011 and has 13,000 members. Empower Network are allowed a viral blogging place once you have a basic membership plan. What is so great about this network business is that if someone decides to join this company then you earn 100% commission, which is the cost of the basic membership plan, $24.

Empower Network is also the 324th biggest website. This website allows you to blog about anything you want and you also try to introduce as many people as you can to earn money from this business. You can also rate and link to your other websites. There lots of other great things about the Empower Network, they also suggest more than one basic membership plan. They also sell upsell products that the members can purchase. The first upsell product is the Empower Network inner Circle and it cost $100 per month. This includes audio training tips that you can listen to created by business owners and some member that are adding 6 or more people to their group each year from this online business.

The second product is the Costa Rica Intensive Program. It is a group discussion that is presented by one of the creators of Empower Network, David Wood. This upsell product cost $3000, and $500 dollar payment if you buy the whole product at once. If you don’t want to buy the products you cannot sell them, but if you do you get paid a percentage of what you how much you have sold. If someone buys all of the upsell items you earn $625 and also $125 from the remaining amount of money that you have earned. This how the Empower Network business has grown so big over a short amount of time.

Disclaimer: Truth on MLM is supported by its readers. We earn commission from qualifying purchases.
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