Mary Kay review

By Terry Lynn - Updated on 01/22/2021
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In this article, I’ll go over my Mary Kay review.

Many more people are working from home than in years past. Mary Kay seems like a good opportunity to have ones own business and set ones own hours. But there is controversy with the longstanding company started by Mary Kay Ash. Some feel it is nothing but a scam and warn others not to get involved with the company. So can a person really make money selling Mary Kay cosmetics and are they worth selling? These questions should be answered by the prospective business owner before they start their business.

Mary Kay is a Network Marketing Business

Could Mary Kay be just another marketing scam that is trying to make money only for itself. Well if you look on the Internet and Mary Kay’s web site there are those that say it can be a good source of part time money.

The program works by making as many sales as possible of goods such as nail polish, perfume, foundation and other products and everyone gets the same discount on the purchase of merchandise for sale. The business has been around along time so they do have a good sense of what type of cosmetics women want.

What Type of Person Can Benefit By Selling Mary Kay

A person has be driven probably like the founder who also started a foundation. They have to be good at marketing their business and also with finances. Time management skills are also a must if they want to succeed at being their own boss by selling Mary Kay cosmetics. In addition, they should have another source of income to get through any dry spell that may come along. Mothers who want to stay at home with their children and people who want flexibility with their time could benefit from selling Mary Kay cosmetics.

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Disclaimer: Truth on MLM is supported by its readers. We earn commission from qualifying purchases.
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