Online MLM Lead Generation Tips

By Terry Lynn - Updated on 01/27/2021
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In this article, I'll discuss MLM lead generation with blogging. These strategies will allow you to convert cold leads to prospects and make more sales.


Online MLM lead generation is really easy when you compare it to finding prospects offline. If you’ve been in MLM for some time now, I’m sure that you’ve experienced a lot of rejection from people you know. By getting leads online, you’ll be able to build your business without feeling the pain:) In this post, you’ll learn how to do with your own blog!

Answer This Online MLM Lead Generation Question 1st: Who Is Your Target Market?

That’s a really huge question that you’ll need to answer up front. When you build your business, you have to decide if you’re going to use the product or opportunity angle. For some businesses, those 2 may overlap.

However, let’s go over a common MLM product – a nutritional supplement. If you decide to pitch the product 1st, obviously a person that is looking for ways to improve their health is more likely a better prospect compared to a person that is looking for business opportunities.

Collecting Online MLM Leads

To get a lead, it’s a good idea to provide some incentive. In the direct marketing realm, some circles refer to this as a lead magnet. This comes in the form of a report, MP3, CD, DVD, ebook…etc. It’s something that your target market would like to get – and in exchange, they’ll provide their contact information. Online, most people collect the prospects name, email address, and a phone number (which is optional).

So in the case of the nutritional supplement, a sample lead magnet would be a report that provided “15 Days to a Better Health: Rapid Strategies for Healing From the Inside Out “.

Capturing MLM Leads: How to Collect Your Prospects Contact Information

The next step is to utilize something called an autoresponder. This will allow you to gather contact information from your prospects. I’m sure you’ve seen websites with forms on the side that provide lead magnets. I typically use banners that push people to a lead capture page (sometimes referred to as a squeeze page).

Autoresponders allow you to easily build a list – a database of prospects that have signed up for your lead magnet offer.

MLM Blogging: Getting Traffic to Generate MLM Leads

Having a website and an autoresponder isn’t the end of the formula. You must get traffic to your site. The easiest way to do this is to blog. A blog is a type of website that allows just about anybody to easily build their website. It also allows you to interact with your target audience through blog comments.

The search engines (like Google) really love blogs compared to traditional websites. These aren’t like brochure sites that don’t get updates – they are dynamic and you should keep update it. By posting blog posts and by promoting your blog posts, you’ll be able to get visitors to your website and start capturing online MLM leads!

Disclaimer: Truth on MLM is supported by its readers. We earn commission from qualifying purchases.
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