MLM Recruiting (Done For You)

By Terry Lynn - Updated on 12/31/2020
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In this article, I'll go over how you can have MLM recruiting done for you.

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Some people might wonder if there’s a way to just pay an agency and then have all the work done.

I’m going to tell you the truth about these kinds of services and how to do it effectively.

Below, I’m going to share some of my most effective DFY MLM recruiting tips that you can use for the long-term.

In business, copy and paste or fully done for you services rarely work. That’s because if you have every single member in the team do the same exact them and use the same exact service, you’re not differentiating yourself. While duplication is a powerful part of the business, it’s like training wheels. You’ll learn a lot from the process, but it’s not so great when you’re trying to build your business effectively.

Here’s a great article about using differentiation to beat your competition. It’s from one of the largest CRM companies, Salesforce. While MLM businesses is a special type of business model, it doesn’t exclude itself from differentiation. Many people will join an MLM or a leader’s organization because they have something special to offer.

This is one of the MLM recruiting secrets that most uplines aren’t willing to share. That’s because it’s not easy to duplicate and duplication makes the business seem like an easy, copy and paste-like system. Most businesses require a lot of hustle, and that’s not so appealing for people that joined the business because it had an easy-to-follow system. If businesses were so formulaic, and they really worked that way, we would have less failure rate in the industry.

Implementing the Network Marketing Done For You (DFY) Approach to Recruit More Distributors

This is a great approach if you don’t want to do the work in building your MLM business the traditional way. There could be many reasons why a person wouldn’t want to do this. One of the big reasons is reducing rejection. Some other reasons is because you’re too busy and you would rather buy someone else’s time.

Or, you understand how valuable time is. If you’re in this boat, here’s an example.

I also chatted with another person that thought about the business as an investment. So instead of investing in stocks and mutual funds, he invested in the business system and had paid other people to do almost all the work for him. From there, he was collecting commissions without actually doing all the time-consuming work. This is a simple MLM process and requires a lot of capital if you want to see results fast.

In any network marketing business opportunity, you’ll build your business through recruiting or by getting more customers.

If you’re thinking about the traditional model of recruiting, it’s typically focused on calling your warm market and getting them to go to a business opportunity meeting or into a 3-way call. If you’re more experience, you can do the selling yourself.

The more personal you make it, the tougher it is. That’s because people will rely on you directly. You’re the one that they trusted and spoke to. You’re the one that sold them into the business.

So when you’re thinking about using the done for you approach, you’re having other people or a system do the recruiting for you. If you have the system totally offloaded, you’re removing yourself out of the equation, making it less personal.  If you’re just offloading the prospecting and lead generation aspect and funneling the leads to you, then that’s more of a hybrid since you’ll still be contacting those leads.

To understand the full approach and hybrid approach, I’ll provide an overview of the recruiting journey and provide strategies for outsourcing each step.

Prospecting for Recruits

There’s warm and cold prospecting methods.

First, don’t use an outside service for your warm market. These people are cold and you don’t want to waste the warm advantage that you have with your friends and family. Your warm market have a higher chance of joining your organization since they know, like, or trust you.

So let’s focus on the cold market here. The beauty of using a DFY recruiting system is that you don’t have to worry about the fear of rejection. This system will allow you to find qualified prospects. These are the MLM leads that you want and you can start inviting them to your business opportunity meeting.

So how do you do this?

The MLM Recruiting and Sales Funnel

The first thing that you need do have is a recruiting or sales funnel. Many companies will have a replicated website that their distributors can use. In my honest opinion, most of those suck. They were build with extreme compliance in mind, mostly created by non-marketers, and not built to convert prospects into leads in the most effective way.

You can grab a free funnel building system, easily create your funnel yourself using their templates, or even pay for a funnel builder to design one for you. This will allow you to build your own lead capture page (AKA squeeze page, lead generation page, opt-in page, and lander). Think of this MLM funnel as your virtual salesperson that will allow you to present to thousands of people around the world.

If I didn’t have the funds to pay a designer, I would just pick one of the lead generation funnel templates in the system and customize it with my form and headline. Most of these funnel systems have support, so if you have any questions, you can get help along the way. Otherwise, the funnel support group that’s provided has several designers that pitch their services throughout the month. You can contact them, and they’ll build out your funnel for a fee.

The funnel system I mentioned also has a way to insert forms that will collect emails, phone numbers (optional), and names (optional). Those emails will go into your database so that you can contact your leads and invite them to your opportunity meeting.

By the way, those optional fields might seem like required fields, but they’re not. That’s because people are most likely to fill out the form if they have to fill out only 1 field versus 3 fields. You want to get as many people into your funnel as possible. If they decide to become recruits, you’ll get their other contact information when they join in most cases.

Once you have the email, you can then use something called an autoresponder to automatically send details about the opportunity meeting. I recommend that you write this email yourself as an outsider wouldn’t have all the details that you do, and it would take longer to describe the details to another person versus you creating the email. This email should take less than 5-10 minutes to create.

The goal is to get the person to register for the business opportunity meeting. Don’t provide a bunch of links in this first email. It should only have one as you’re focused on a single response – having that person register for the event.

Once you develop your email marketing rhythm, you can test a variety of email campaigns and offers to see what converts business opportunity seekers into your recruits.

A big part of this step is getting people to sign up on your funnel. This is called generating traffic to your lead generation page. You can use blog posts, information or training videos on YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media websites that contain your target audience. I’ll dive into this more near the end of the article.

The Business Opportunity Meeting

This business opportunity meeting can be a group meeting or a 1-on-1 meeting. It can be done in a hotel, office, home, or even virtually through a video or online conference system.

While building your network marketing business, you’ll find that the more people you invite to the meeting, the chances of expanding your business are greater.

The pandemic of 2020 taught us something big in this industry — in-person events can’t be used in all cases. For all MLM businesses, you can use a virtual meeting which I’ll describe below.

The Virtual Meeting

In a virtual meeting, you’re using an online conferencing system like GotoMeeting, WebEx, Zoom, Google Meet, YouTube live, or an evergreen webinar system like WebinarJam.

If you’re looking to save time, you can outsource your videos and place them into an evergreen system, or even a video on a landing page is great. The funnel system that I use has a video hosting solution, so I usually store and distribute my videos from there.

This is also known as a network marketing bridge funnel.

Here’s how it looks like:

  • Prospect finds your lead capture page through your marketing strategies
  • Prospect signs up through the form on your lead capture page and becomes a qualified lead
  • Lead is then lead to the thank you page. In this case, the thank you page contains the video presentation
  • If the lead is happy with the presentation, they’ll sign up as a distributor for your MLM company

That entire process is the bridge funnel and it’s an easy to to recruit on autopilot, even while you’re sleeping or at your day job.

Done For You MLM Video Presentations

So what about the video? This video presentation can be used over and over again once it’s created. How can you have somebody do the work for you?

The easiest way is to use a service like or You’ll be able to outsource your video based on your requirements.

For this, you have to put your project manager hat on. First, think about all the features that are required. Then think about the features that aren’t required, but would be nice to have.

The approach that I use is outsource an article with a specific title and subtopics. I would provide the writer with some website references and a link to your network marketing recruiting. Then I would provide them with the word count. For a 7-10 minute presentation, I would have the writer create a 1000-1500 word article.

After I get the article, then I would transform this into a PowerPoint presentation and use the subtopics as major slides within the presentation.

I could also outsource an audio voice over or complete video on UpWork or Fiverr.

That’s all the steps in a nutshell to create an MLM done for you video presentation.

The MLM Done For You Approach to Building Traffic and Convert Prospects into Leads

I’ve spoken to many distributors from all sorts of MLM companies and most are looking for affordable ways to get leads without breaking the bank. Some gurus say that you should be running ads because you can get results faster. However, that’s tough for most and the learning curve is great.

You can take a course on how to do Google ads or create winning Facebook ads, but that doesn’t guarantee that you’ll avoid throwing hundreds or thousands of dollars away. It’s like teaching a doctor how to do a surgery though a text book. Without the practical experience, then that person wouldn’t be good at it.

The same thing can be said for paid traffic. You do need experience and you can get started with less than $5 a day, but most likely, you won’t see great results until you throw 100-1000+ out the window to go through that learning curve, testing campaigns.

When I say throw money out the window, I’m not saying this is a waste. It’s a learning curve in your future. Think about it as an investment. All investments have some degree of risk and require a certain amount to be invested to reach your goals.

If you’re not willing to spend at least $300 a month for an entire year or more, then I would recommend using affordable traffic strategies.

The top 2 that I recommend are blogging and vlogging (video blogging on YouTube). YouTube is effective if you’re the type that can go on video and present OK. I say OK because you’ll get better over time and become excellent:)

For both of those approaches, they rely on search engine traffic. Even YouTube is a search engine, but video specific.

In this section, I’ll go over the done for you approach for article creation for blogs. You can transform these into videos as well using the DFY presentation approach that I mentioned above.

The first step is creating your own blog. Since we’re on the topic of ease, the simplest way to do it is pick a domain and start off with the “StartUp” WordPress plan. I recommend domains without dashes and ending in .com if possible. You can even use your full name in your domain name if you wish.

After picking your domain and selecting the StartUp WordPress plan, you’ll have a blog is auto-created in the system.

The template or theme design isn’t too important at this step. You need to build traffic from blogging.

The easiest way to get traffic fast is to use keywords (search phrases) with extremely low competition. I just use this an SEO tool, that you can start using for free, and use relevant words with the lowest level of keyword difficulty. That tool has all the training guides, articles, videos, and a support forum if you want to know how to use it effectively.

If all of this seems like a lot of work, then you can outsource it on UpWork. You can outsource keyword research, blog installation and setup, and article writing.

How many articles should you create? As many as you can with your time and budget. That’s up to you. Bare minimum, I would recommend 1 article a week. The more the better, and the faster you’ll see leads coming into your funnel.

Dealing With Marketing and Business Compliance

Some companies will have a compliance department that must review all marketing materials before their used.

I understand the intent, but I’ve always had a weird feeling about this.  I understand that they want to have their reps or distributors market their businesses with integrity and avoid their company being perceived as an illegal pyramid scheme. I get it.

Keep this in mind. You don’t have to get approval from anybody if you are marketing yourself, your non-company specific information, and public information that doesn’t link out to your company directly.  I’m not an attorney. I’m just mentioning your human rights. This is my opinion for people in the United States.

Check out my training link on the top menu to see the full approach that I use.

In Conclusion

In this article, I’ve covered a lot of topics for outsourcing your business for MLM recruiting (done for you).

You might think about this as a more complicated approach compared to sending you a single service that does all of this. As I previously mentioned, you won’t have the competitive edge if everybody in your team is using a single provider and using the same exact approach. This type of business wouldn’t be a personal development journey if everything was served on a silver plate. That’s totally unrealistic as well in almost any business.

You must differentiate to be seen as an authority. This doesn’t mean that you have to dress nice, show your expensive car or real estate, or put your whole life out there.

The approach that I’ve mentioned is a passive strategy that can allow you to recruit from around the world and it works for just about any MLM company out there, traditional or not.

Enjoy the journey to success!

Disclaimer: Truth on MLM is supported by its readers. We earn commission from qualifying purchases.
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