MLM Smart Phone App – MLMipedia Pro Narrows Down Business Opportunity Choices

By Terry Lynn - Updated on 01/26/2021
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I noticed a news release about a company called Kadence Creations, LLC. They released an app in the iTunes App Store. Their mission is to help individuals make smarter choices when it comes to picking the right business opportunity.

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The Pros

It’s great that they’ve build a database of a bunch of MLM/Network Marketing companies. You’ll find information about companies annual sales, industry type, year founded, and the cost to join. You can group, sort, order, and filter out companies based on criteria that you specify.

The Cons

While all of this information sounds pretty cool for analytical types – it doesn’t provide enough information to make the right decision. In fact, a lot of heavy hitters join companies that are new – and so their annual sales would be pretty small. If you’re looking for companies based on cost, then you might stumble into a company that is cheap but doesn’t provide great compensation structure.

This app is also only on the Itunes App store for now. It would be nice if they launched it in the Google Play store for Android devices. Hopefully they will release an Android version in the near future.

In Conclusion

MLMipedia Pro is a cool app, but it doesn’t do most of the companies out there justice. Instead of relying on this app to help you pick the right company, look at a variety of factors (including non-biased reviews on blogs and forums).

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