Network Marketing Lead Generation (Step-by-Step)

By Terry Lynn - Updated on 01/26/2021
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Learn how to do network marketing lead generation in the most affordable, simple way using my system.

network marketing lead generation online

Learn how to do network marketing lead generation in the most affordable, simple way using my system.

Here is my 3-step system:

First Step: Create a Lead Magnet

So you might be wondering what a lead magnet is. A lead magnet is a something you are going to give away in exchange to someone’s email address. This could be an eBook, checklist, video series, a case study, or even a free online course. This is free information that someone can use and learn from.

Some people call this information an “ethical bribe.” It’s pretty much an incentive to sign up (for you to generate a lead).

Out of all these lead magnets, the easiest one is a single page checklist. Here are the steps to build out a checklist using Google Docs or Microsoft Word.

1. Come up with 10 to 15 questions that would help someone improve their life in a specific area they want to improve. This could be an actionable step by step checklist, or it could also be a guide on how to do something the right way.

2. Provide answers to those questions. Make sure you write down a few paragraphs for each question, or bullet points. This will ensure that you are providing value instead of just scratching the surface.

The most important thing is that the content needs to actually be valuable and helpful information the reader can use. I’m talking about things that people are willing to pay for.

Second Step: Create Your Squeeze Page

Here’s how to easily create a squeeze page using your email marketing service.

1. Sign up for an email marketing service – You can use GetResponse. It’s very simple to use and it’s super affordable.

2. Use their landing page builder (it’s super easy to use). They have plenty of instructions of how to build a landing page (AKA squeeze page and lead capture page) on their website.

3. Insert your headline. Something that will grab a persons attention and build enough desire for the lead magnet that you created.

4. Insert your form that only asks for their email address. The more information that you ask for, the lower the conversions.

Third Step: Build Traffic to Your Landing Page

Here are 3 things that you can easily do to send cold traffic to your landing page.

1. Create a blog – I personally use WordPress, but you can use any blogging platform you want to. Now is the time to start blogging on a consistent basis.

2. Start promoting your landing page through guest posts, search engines, and social media. These 3rd-party websites include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram.

This 3-step system had been used my marketing pros across most major industries and it is the main strategy that I use for building my network marketing business.

However, it doesn’t just stop there. One of the more advanced steps that I use is something called A/B split testing. So let’s go over that.

How to Use A/B Split Testing to Get More Leads

A/B split testing is a type of multivariate testing that helps you discover what works and what doesn’t.

Because this test is set up to test out different variations of a single page, you can do things like see how different headlines perform.

In GetResponse, Go to: Menu>> Email marketing>> A/B tests.

For example, here’s how I set up my landing page in GetResponse.

1. I inserted a headline that says, “Join My Exclusive List.”

2. Then I inserted another headline that says, “Create A Better Life.”

3. The page variation will be the same except for the headline. So every time I send traffic to the same landing page, they will only see either “Join my exclusive list” or “Create A Better Life” as the headline.

The key to A/B split testing is knowing which landing page factor converts better. Using this example, the landing page with the winning headline will become your control. Over time, you can split test other headlines or test variants of other features of your landing page (ie. text colors, font sizes, button colors, and button size) to beat your control.

These little test will show you what converts better and that means that you can generate more leads with better landing page copy. For me, I usually re-evaluate my tests after getting 50-100 leads.

How to Convert Your Leads Into Customers

This is a bonus. Now that you’ve generated leads, you might be wondering how you convert then into customers or recruits.

You can do this using your landing page’s “Thank You Page” and email follow-ups.

The lead will see this thank you page after they sign up for your lead magnet.

This is a simple, passive marketing strategy and it allows you to scale fast without doing too much leg work. If you want to convert more and build up the relationship faster, the best way to do this is to collect more information about the lead by making them a customer. That can be done by selling a product or service at a very low price point.

For now, let’s just go over the mechanics of the thank you page. In this system, you can use the thank you page as a “network marketing bridge page.” This bridge page connects your lead to a sales letter or sales video for your product or opportunity.

Some marketers don’t like promoting stuff on the thank you page and think it’s too aggressive. That’s up to you to decide. If you’ve chosen to use this thank you page method, keep reading.

This thank you page can also be split tested. For example, you can use something like to track clicks to the product or video. Which one do leads prefer to view the most?

You can also track clicks across variety of products to see what visitors are more interested in?

From there, you can see which products are purchased the most and what creates more profit in your business.

When I say product, that can also be for different opportunity videos or presentations. If you have only 1 video, you might want to create variations to see which one leads to more recruits. If you’re just starting out, just test one thing at a time. If you’re using, you can at least see some analytics and that will give you a clue as to what works the best. Unfortunately, most traditional MLM’s don’t offer the ability for campaign tracking on the backend of their system. Some modern companies offer the ability to tag links with campaign sub ID’s so you know which link or promotion is working the best.


In this article, I’ve covered my 3-step system for network marketing lead generation. I’ve also provided some bonus tips on A/B split testing and how you can boost sales and conversions just by implementing the thank you page promotion strategy. If you want to learn more, check out my free network marketing training page.




Disclaimer: Truth on MLM is supported by its readers. We earn commission from qualifying purchases.
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