Pampered Chef Review

By Terry Lynn - Updated on 10/29/2020
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In this article, I’ll go over my Pampered Chef Review. You’ll learn about all the ins and outs.

The Pampered Chef provides quality kitchen utensils that make cooking convenient, fun and easy. A majority of their products are sold through consultants at cooking shows which are held in the hostess’s home. The products are demonstrated to the hostess and her guests, and then they are given the opportunity to place orders for their favorite products.

Benefits of The Pampered Chef Opportunity

Pampered Chef consultants enjoy the freedom to set their own schedule. Consultants can choose which days and times they are available to conduct cooking shows.

Cooking shows are fun. Consultants are able to demonstrate an interesting recipe using Pampered Chef cooking tools and utensils. Demonstrations are easy and fun.

A beginning consultant makes 20% commission on retail sales and is able to build her commission based on retail sales and team-building.

A consultant has a small start-up cost for supplies and signing up for the opportunity. It is easy to get started and team members are always willing to provide advice and support.

Consultants receive great discounts on handy products.

Disadvantages of The Pampered Chef Opportunity

Consultants may have to work several hours only to have low retail sales which means low commission.

Consultants must ask hostesses to buy the ingredients for the cooking shows. This can be uncomfortable and hostesses may not always be willing to spend money.

Pampered Chef products are expensive. Therefore, it is difficult for hostesses to sell the products in a tough economy. People are not focused on having quality kitchen tools when they are focused on more important things. Therefore, they are often unwilling to spend money on expensive products that are not necessary.

Compared with other direct selling companies, The Pampered Chef business opportunity provides relatively low commissions in relation to the cost of the products.

The Pampered Chef business is a legitimate opportunity, but as with all businesses, it requires persistence and hard work.

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