Rachel Long Review

By Terry Lynn - Updated on 12/30/2020
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In this article, I’ll provide my Rachel Long review and information about her internet marketing business.

Rachel Long is amongst the “aces” of online entrepreneurs’ and has achieved immense success in the home based business industry. She began her career with minuscule knowledge and experience and worked her way up the ladder. With sheer determination and business mathematics, she has won the title – “Queen of Internet Marketing”; most of us would only dream about.

Success Mantra

In her quest for making the Internet Marketing a successful home based business; she has employed the strategy of driving mass traffic to various projects under her belt without investing a fortune on advertising. Her effective method to market and produce results includes a targeted number of sign up on a weekly basis, thus breaking her long-term objective into short-term achievable results. Her belief in short-term goals has always proven itself from time and again. Today, she heads the three most successful companies in the home based business industry.

YCSN Program

That being said, I would like to throw light on a recent business opportunity developed by the Queen and her team – YCSN Program.

This unique program trains and support individuals who are willing to invest their time and efforts as internet marketers. Additionally, it provides an incredible income creation opportunity. Interested individuals need to become a member initially, and get an access to the program’s library that contains training videos and audios and other potential materials.

The compensation plan consists of 100% residual income and includes the following math.
The residual income is segmented into 3 levels. First tier pays $25 per person per month. Tier 2 pays $5 per person per month and Tier 3 pays $5 per person per month.

Commissions are paid up to 50% on all monthly payments, because signing up cost is $50 per month.
Therefore, you get an opportunity to make more than $18k per month. As far as the investment is concerned the cost is less than your dinner bill or utility bills.

Disclaimer: Truth on MLM is supported by its readers. We earn commission from qualifying purchases.
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