How Do I Start My Own MLM Business?

By Terry Lynn - Updated on 10/29/2020
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There is a common misunderstanding about multi-level-marketing companies. Most people think that they are scams and they should be avoided at all cost. While most of this is true, there are several MLM companies that are honest and trustworthy companies. In all instances you should do your research before starting a business on your own.

What is a MLM Business?

A MLM business involves the direct sale of a product from a personal recommendation. In return you would get a commission for making that recommendation that led to the sale of the product or service. You can compare it to most drop shipping companies. You advertise a product or service and when you make the sale you get paid.

Is a MLM Business A Pyramid Scheme?

The answer to this question is no but it is commonly thought of as a scheme. With all the money and mail scams going on today most of the bad companies are often referred to as an MLM company. There are several very reputable companies that are classified as an MLM company but they are far from a scam. For example, Mary Kay is considered an MLM company. The sales reps are promoting a product and giving their personal recommendations in exchange for a commission on the sale.

Which MLM Company Should I Choose?

You can make a lot of money with an MLM company. You need to be very thorough and do your research before you jump feet first. Make sure that the company that you choose has been around for a while and has good reputation. You will see profits in a short time but you surely won’t be a millionaire overnight!

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