Tastefully Simple Review

By Terry Lynn - Updated on 10/29/2020
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In this article, I’ll provide my Tastefully Simple review.

Minnesota based Tastefully Simple, a direct sales company built on the home party model, offers a variety of easy to make foods that require very little preparation and cooking time. Their products are sold by independent consultants at taste testing parties in clients’ homes or offices. The home party plan, which most people are familiar with, has become a very popular way to market products directly to the consumer, and to recruit new consultants which is where the income potential really lies with these types of businesses.

About the Company

Tastefully Simple is one of the 25 most popular MLM companies in the United States. As a member of the Better Business Bureau it has, as of March 2010, an A+ rating, and it has been favorably highlighted in a number of national magazines including Family Circle, AARP and Reader’s Digest. It has also been featured on CNBC’s The Big Idea and Good Morning America on ABC.

Tastefully Simple Business Opportunity

Independent consultants earn 30% of their retail sales and additional income from reorders of the consumable products. Earning potential increases as consultants build their own teams of new recruits, which leads to what the company refers to as leadership income. Support, training and consultant websites are provided by the company.

Becoming a Consultant

To sign up as a new consultant, it is required to purchase one of the two start-up kits. Though the cost is not extremely high, it is an investment of approximately $100 to $200 after sales tax. At the most, consultants receive enough for four home parties; the smaller kit will provide the essentials for two parties.

While not everyone is successful with direct sales, Tastefully Simple appears to offer a legitimate business opportunity for those who are highly motivated and enjoy food and working with people.

Disclaimer: Truth on MLM is supported by its readers. We earn commission from qualifying purchases.
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