8 Types of Home-Based Business Leads

By Terry Lynn - Updated on 01/27/2021
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If you're looking to buy home-based business leads, both exclusive or non-exclusive, make sure that you learn about these 8 types first.

home-based business leads

Whether you’re thinking about buying them or generating them on your own, you should read this article 1st before throwing your hard-earned money out the windows.

To make sure that we’re discussing or thinking about the same thing, let’s go over these 8 popular types of home-based business leads. I’ll start with the cheapest ones first.

Auto Dialer Leads or DFY Leads from an Outsourced Call Center

These leads are generated using auto dialers and outsourced call centers where they will talk to anyone interested in an home business. This means that they convert leads into warm sales by asking a series of questions to qualify them using an automated dialer or broadcast system, or a call center (typically in a cheaper area of the world). Because these leads are close to low-touch and performed at scale through automation (or affordable outsourced workers), they are the cheapest type of home-based business leads. Typically, over 4 cents/lead.

Email Leads

I call these email SPAM leads. I would never consider these and using them is not a legit way to do business. Typically, over 8 cents/lead.

Double Opt-In Leads

These leads come with an email address. The email addresses are verified using a double opt-in process. This means that they have clicked on a link in their confirmation email to ensure that the email address is not fake. As with phone verified leads, these leads are also screened to ensure that the lead is interested in an home business and that they have funds to proceed. Other lead details may be included such as name, phone number, and location. Typically, over 40 cents/lead.

Area Code Leads

These have the same details as the last 2, but they are location specific and are focused on the area codes that you supply. Typically, over 45 cents/lead.

Short Form or Surveyed Leads

These leads provided similar details as the rest, but they have opted into learn about a home business through a short form (mostly online) and maybe asked several other questions (thus surveyed). Typically, over 75 cents/lead.

Real-time Leads

These are pricey and up for grabs right when they are generated. Typically, over $1/lead.

Phone Verified Leads

Popular with many buyers, these leads come with a phone number and are screened. The screening process ensures that they have a working phone number, that they have money to invest, and that they are interested in a home business opportunity. Other lead details may be included such as name, email, and location. Typically, over $1.50/lead.

Exclusive Leads

These leads contain all of the information that I’ve mentioned. The main difference is that they aren’t shared with anyone else (supposedly). I say that because I have purchased exclusive leads in the past and other people have called them. I could have also been the case that they filled in forms across multiple websites. Typically, over $1.85/lead.

I’ve also seen other leads that cost more than $2.50 per lead.

Should You Buy Any of These Leads?

If you’re in a business where you’re not part of a team, then I would say “give them a shot.” Of you’re doing business on your own, then you can build up your sales skills on the fly as you call these leads. Although they are verified or screened, keep in mine that they don’t know you and it’s mostly likely the case that many other business owners or sales people have called them as well.

What if you’re focused on team activity, let’s say that you’re part of a network marketing team. In this case, I would say that it’s not a good idea. When you’re building a team based on duplication, you’ve got to keep it simple. Yes, telling a person to buy leads and call them is a simple process, but realize that most of your team members did not join to be sales pro’s. While I do know that some of the top leaders are, it’s not extremely duplicatable.

So what is a duplicatable process? For this case, I would recommend teach them how to generate leads on their own. I provide some free network marketing training on how to do that. They don’t need to become heaving hitting sales gurus, understand extreme sales psychology, chase after their friends and family, and neither do they need to talk to people in the malls. Check out the free training here.



Disclaimer: Truth on MLM is supported by its readers. We earn commission from qualifying purchases.
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