Xuan Nguyen of WFG Reviewed

By Terry Lynn - Updated on 01/26/2021
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In this article, I'll be going over Xuan Nguyen of WFG/World Financial Group (aka the newer version of World Marketing Alliance / WMA).

Xuan Nguyen

While I no longer am a part of WFG (aka the newer version of World Marketing Alliance or WMA for short), I still run into people that are either about to join the company or have joined it. You might want to check out my WFG review for more info.

One of the questions I was asked was whether or not Xuan Nguyen is a fake.

I was part of Xuan’s team and I have to say that he wasn’t a fake. The guy did make a lot of money. With that being said, do you really want to make money like Xuan did?

He’s a hard worker and I remember seeing him in the Santa Clara office at 1:30 in the morning. I was insane too being at that office at that time. Looking back, I wouldn’t want to do that again.

One of my mentors, Tony Robbins, says to model success. This isn’t a general process. In order to model success you have to model thought processes in detail. For me, I couldn’t model Xuan and part of it was because I didn’t really want to think like him or live his lifestyle.

When I was single, I had so much time available that staying at the office and working the business didn’t really bother me. Now with a family with 2 kids, I would rather build my business and be family focused. That’s just a personal choice, but at the same time, I would rather follow those that have lifestyles that I’d like to live.

I also remember going to meetings in various states. The things that I remember is getting up extremely early and going to sleep extremely late. Going to meetings after meetings…and then some more. I personally didn’t think it was healthy to do that.

At first it just told myself that every now and then would be okay. However, it was part of the business culture under Xuan’s hierarchy and it was also used as a tool to judge serious leaders….a method that I wasn’t so fond of. Those that were will to go to all those meetings and sacrifice their time and health were the serious ones.

Just some thoughts. The choice is yours. It really depends on what you want to do in your life.

Making more, working less, and having a healthy life is my personal goal.

Disclaimer: Truth on MLM is supported by its readers. We earn commission from qualifying purchases.
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