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ACN (American Communications Network) Review

Sep 18, 2021

Wondering about the ACN business opportunity? Hold tight! You'll learn more in my ACN review.

Table of Contents

  1. Looking for an ACN Review? Read more to learn the truth…
  2. The Business
  3. The Process
  4. The Benefit
  5. What You Need to Know About Building Your Business
  6. In Conclusion

Looking for an ACN Review? Read more to learn the truth…

The Business

What is meant by scam? Well, first off, it’s to be fraudulent or deceptive according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary. Now, let’s take ACN, as it’s known as one of the largest direct selling operations in the world. Direct seller is where you buy directly from the person selling for a company or manufacturer and thus, eliminating the middleman. When a product is produced, it is then sold to a broker, who then finds a wholesaler, who then finds a retailer, who then finds another wholesaler/retailer down the supply chain who then sells it to the buyer.

ACN sells communications products, known as phones and specifically, internet video phones. So, they have a product. That eliminates the scam part because to sell a product is not being fraudulent or deceptive. They also have various other products they sell such as satellite dish products, home security systems, long distance and local phone service, etc.

The Process

Multilevel marketing is a phenomenon in the world of business, which has made many rich and many more very jealous at what seems to be easy money. It looks easy because of the process, which duplicates itself. This duplication is the heart of the direct selling business. It is also the reason for such phenomenal wealth for the few who figure out how to make the most of the process.

The Benefit

Two words. Residual Income. That is the greatest benefit. Do it once and it replicates itself right into your bank account. Greatest home based business opportunity. No degree required, just staying power. Hard work and a good product equal financial opportunities that are out of this world. The other by word in ACN is exponential. That is how they describe the growth of their teams.

What You Need to Know About Building Your Business

While I’ve known people that have built a successful ACN team, you must first identify how you’d like to build the business. This may not seem important at first (since they have their system)…but it’s something that is important for you future success. Think about it, the people that fail, fail for a reason. In many cases, they didn’t see results fast enough or wasted too much money building their ACN business. That’s just human nature and it happens.

So if there was a way to build your business faster or perhaps help you and your team members save money in the process, wouldn’t that be the way to go? What I learned was that I could grow my business using the internet even while I’m asleep. Unfortunately, ACN doesn’t really push that idea, and they would like you to use a system that was pretty based on the old Amway ideas (regardless of how unique they say their system is).

If you’re okay with spending a lot of time on meetings and conference calls than building your business, this may be the route to go. There are people in ACN that do this and are extremely successful. However, that’s not the lifestyle I wanted and I’d rather spend a lot of time building my business online and spend more time doing the things that I really want to do – in my case, spend more time with my family – now and in the future. I don’t put hanging out with my family in the “delayed gratification” category. {On a side note, prospecting on the internet is so much easier than doing it offline}.

In Conclusion

ACN is a legitimate company and there are people that do succeed in it. So their system isn’t a scam and has worked for many others. What you need to decide on is how you’d like to build your business, are you happy with what the company is offering, and can you actually do it with the time that you have.

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