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Amway Business Opportunity Review

Sep 18, 2021

Amway has been called an illegal pyramid scheme and some others say that it's one of the best MLM businesses in the world. Find out the truth in this Amway business review.

Many people think that Amway is a scam because they think it is an illegal multi-level marketing. Since it has geometric growth through recruiting, they equate it to illegal pyramid schemes. Well, they’re wrong and I’ll go over my reasons why I think this way in my review.

First, let me get this out of the way. I’m not affiliated with Amway in any way. This is just my personal Amway review and I recommend that you do your due diligence.

Here’s a little overview before I get into the details…

Amway is one of the most respected MLM business opportunities in the world. Amway is a company with a long and positive history.

Amway uses a multi-tier marketing system. This means that Amway distributors make money from the sales of other Amway distributors across multiple tiers or levels. This gives people the impression that it is an illegal pyramid.

Here's what I'll cover:

  1. What Is Amway and Where Are They Located?
  2. Is Amway a Scam or Pyramid Scheme?
  3. How Amway Works
  4. Will I Make Money With Amway?
  5. Are Amway Products Good?
  6. How I Lost My Friend to Amway
  7. Conclusion

What Is Amway and Where Are They Located?

Amway is a multi-level marketing company that is one of the largest in the world. It was first started in 1959 in Ada, Michigan by Jay Van Andel and Richard DeVos. The company promotes a wide range of products including nutrition supplements, beauty products, cleaning supplies, and jewelry.

It operates in over 100 countries and sells directly through over 1 million independent distributors.

While the company has been accused of operating a pyramid scheme, they’ve lasted for many decades and the founding family have been active politically. Betsy Devos, wife of former Amway CEO – Dick DeVos, has served as the U.S. Secretary of Education. Dick was the son of one of the co-founders of Amway, Richard DeVos.

Is Amway a Scam or Pyramid Scheme?

This sentiment that’s been expressed by critics of MLM companies for decades, long before Amway was founded in 1959.

In my opinion, Amway is currently a legit MLM company.

Whether you disagree with this or not, I’ll dive into my reasoning. Pyramid-style recruiting is done in other brokerage businesses like real estate and insurance sales. They all have brokers with agents working under them, collecting commissions. Those agents can become brokers as well and recruit their agents.

The main difference is how recruiting and business building is done. MLM’s typically focuses on the warm market. Real Estate brokerages use an MLS system to list properties and attract people that are interested in real estate. These prospects are typically more targeted than friends and family. I personally believe that this lack of targeting is what creates weird feelings from people you know, especially if they’re not that eager to start a business or do business with a friend.

How Amway Works

As soon as you decide to join Amway, you’ll be bombarded with a ton of marketing information from all directions. The sheer amount of information you’ll receive can be overwhelming, but don’t be discouraged, this is the typical process for anyone jumping into a business that they’re not familiar with.

In order to do business with Amway, you’ll need to order Amway products from an Amway Independent Business Owner (IBO) or become an IBO through another IBO.

If you decide to promote products, you have a large suite to sell from. You can offer Artistry cosmetics, household products, and, or Nutrilite nutritional supplements. When you sell those products, you can earn commissions.

If you decide to promote the business opportunity as an IBO, then you’ll be provided with a system that offers others the chance to do the same. From there, you can make money off team overrides across multiple tiers.

Will I Make Money With Amway?

While there are many people interested in making money, the process of earning isn’t something for everyone. While many reps consider quitting their jobs to build this lucrative business, there are things that every business builder, no matter what business, needs to consider.

I’ve met people that have left their jobs, only to find out that they can’t make any money. The reason why they can’t make any money is because they have failed to learn a few essential details about the business before they decided to quit their jobs.

For example, you can be extremely excited and know the simple formula for building the business. That doesn’t mean that you’re automatically in the position to make a full-time living in MLM. Amway is no different. First, prove it to yourself that you can make product sales and have a track record that creates a predictable business.

After saving 6 months of income from your business profits, then consider leaving your job.

Going back to the question, “can you make money?,” the real question is, “can you sell a product?” If you can’t sell, then you will not make money. If you’re not willing to learn how to sell, you will not make money.

This is about drive. If you are willing to learn and take the right steps, I believe that you can make money.

Are Amway Products Good?

Some people will say that the products are so good that there’s no need to sell because they can sell themselves.


If the products could sell themselves, then the company wouldn’t need you.

Amway describes itself as “the world’s largest direct-selling company” and as “one of the world’s largest and best-known companies.” In its own words, Amway says that the Amway products are “high-quality products that have been proven over many years to be among the best available anywhere.”

I’ve purchased Amway products over the years and I do believe that they are high-quality products.

I’ve mostly purchased Nutralite nutritional products.

Many years ago, I went on a field trip to the Nutrilite organic farm in Southern California. A friend had invited me and I thought it would be an interesting trip.

Nutrilite’s product line includes items such as a multivitamin, a weight loss shake, a hair skin and nails formula, a bone building formula, a general energy formula, and an antioxidant formula. Several of these products are meant to be taken every day as part of a total health plan, while others are designed to be taken as needed.

The farm was extremely impressive, and their manufacturing techniques were top-notch.

How I Lost My Friend to Amway

While I’m not part of Amway now, I joined the company decades ago. In the 1.5 years that I was in it, I did have a “lost a friend” kinda story.

Just putting this out there: there are a lot of criticisms surrounding Amway as a company, and it seems like every day we hear another story of someone losing their friendships, family, and life savings trying to make it big in Amway.

So let me go over my little story. When I got started in the company, I tried so hard to duplicate my upline. I bought an easel so that I could draw the bubbles and show people how to build their own business. I totally believed that all I had to do is do this same presentation in mass numbers, and that would be it.

This is a simple business to make millions, right? hmmm.

The more that you grow in this style of business, you realize the mistakes that you make and learn from them.

My issue is that I was doing these presentations in front of people that were the wrong audience.

Just because they’re warm - blooded, alive, and breathing, doesn’t mean that you should do a presentation for them.

In my younger years, a bunch of friends stopped talking to me. However, my true friends stayed as friends (and those are people that aren’t in the business even today).

The lesson that I’d like to convey is that you have to qualify your prospects first. You do that by understanding them and what they want out of life. You do this without using high-pressure sales tactics. If they’re your friends and family, don’t take your relationships for business and think that they have to deal with you just because you have a pre-existing relationship.

It’s so important to focus on a qualified, target audience before you start pitching the business to them.


Is Amway legit? In my opinion, yes it is. Are there a bunch of skeptics? Yes, MLM skeptics have been around for decades, and it doesn’t matter if it’s Amway or not. People will call it a pyramid scheme and blame you for selling them into an illegal opportunity. However, that’s a perception that people choose to have and people do have a right to believe in what they want to believe.

If you’re looking for a network marketing business that has stability, high - quality products, and the great ability to create recurring income, then Amway is one of the best. Again, that’s me saying this, and I’m no longer part of the company. If I ever have time to build another MLM company, I wouldn’t mind picking Amway.

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