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How to Generate Network Marketing Leads on Facebook (Meta)

Jun 07, 2022

If you are interested in using Facebook for network marketing, here are some things you should know. Facebook, AKA FB or Meta, is the biggest social media platform, with over 2.93 billion active users according to Statista.

Most people go to Facebook to stay connected with friends and family and to be entertained.

But did you know that Facebook can also be an effective lead generation tool?

Facebook allows you to target specific groups of users based on their interests. This makes it possible to create interest-based audiences and sell to them.

How do I start generating leads for my MLM business?

One of the best ways to utilize FB for network marketing is to establish a profile and connect with like-minded people. Your profile should provide details about your business and the benefits of why people would look for your network marketing opportunity.

You might have seen people "build a list" outside of Facebook. That's where they use something called a lead capture page. That is a great option, but it's not a mandatory requirement. I'll talk about this more later.

You should also be active on FB by participating in groups, posting quality content, and engaging with your connections.

When it comes to content, make sure to give your audience something useful to read. Facebook users, for the most part, aren't business professionals, so try to offer them useful content. For commercial social media, LinkedIn would be a better choice.

You might be wondering, what kind of content should I post?

This content does not have to be your own. However, if you're writing a lot of your content, you should include useful information and link out to reputable sources.

When recruiting on FB, ask people if they'd be interested in earning more money. Top network marketers use this method to build rapport with potential prospects.

Keep in mind, Facebook users are human beings. You don't want to start recruiting people without building a relationship. Once you've built rapport, you can ask for for more details and about their interests. Every once in a while, you can create a promotional post to generate leads.

Make sure to avoid being too creepy or weird. Even getting people to join your MLM from the start is super weird. Who wants to get a direct message (DM) that's pushy like a weird used car salesman. Yeah, I know, sales people get a bad rap. There are good ones and you want to build a positive reputation.

How do I target the right prospects on Facebook?

It is hard to target your prospects on Facebook for network marketing. Spending countless hours friending strangers is not effective. In this case, the more no's don't equal the more yes's. That's a stupid strategy to follow on social media and you can get banned.

On way to find relevant leads on Facebook is by commenting on posts or leaving comments on others' posts where your target marketing hangs out.

This is different than LinkedIn, a platform that's built to target by occupation, past job history, connections, and location. While it does have that power, most of the people there aren't there to join a business opportunity. Many people use it to build their professional J.O.B. profile.

When looking for Facebook users for your network marketing leads, you should also look at their past careers. If they've posted a lot about making passive income or building a home business, there's a greater chance that they might be interested in making money through network marketing.

Just like many social media platforms, there are people that are trying to win the popularity content like their still trapped in high school. I'm sure you've seen them. People trying to look successful, sharing cool pictures...but you have no way of knowing the real story behind them.

With this prospecting strategy, you're really looking to know their background before trying to recruit them. This is a tedious process, but it will save you time down the road. You don't want to waste your time on bunch of tire kickers that just suck the life out of you.

I still haven't jumped into Facebook ads yet.

If you're just getting started, I recommend using organic strategies.

To generate "organic" leads through Facebook, I recommend posting engaging information that is valuable and related to your offer(s). Make sure that you follow the Facebook guidelines to a tee.

Getting banned really sucks. You don't want to piss off a bunch of people and have them report you for spamming or annoying them.

As you post regularly and out to the general public, you will attract interested prospects. It does take time and being consistent will help you build more traction over time.

How do I target my prospects using Facebook ads?

If you go with the paid ad approach, you can target based on demographics and behaviors.

The age range of Facebook users is ideal for almost any business, and the most popular demographic is those 35 to 65 years old. You'll see a bunch of younger people building their businesses too, but I'm sure that you'll agree that there are more older people that have more money to spend. In order to make money, money has to be spent by consumers.

You can use targeting options to reach a specific demographic, based on their interests, age, and gender. You can also target by location. The latter is best suited for B2C companies and ecommerce retailers with products aimed at specific demographics. Similarly, gender targeting can be effective for a network marketing campaign targeting young people.

However, it can prove difficult to attract a certain target demographic. An example is network marketers. Yeah, you heard me. I prefer indirect targeting, especially to avoid a bunch of the antiMLM trolls.

Here's what to do. Target niches within your network marketing business.

So first step, review your business in depth, look at the subniches within it, and the identify audiences of interest. For instance, if you're selling a headset to console gamers, you can use "people living in this city" as your target audience. Similarly, if you're selling smartphone cases, you can choose to target the group that owns a particular device.

That's one way. Now, think of what your audience might be interested in? What are the trends? What books do they read? You can target those.

You can also use Facebook's lookalike audiences. Lookalike audiences are audiences similar to the ones that are related to your current customers or prospects. If you create a lookalike audience based on your current prospects, you'll end up with a bigger list of unqualified leads. But still, they are more qualified than random people with random interests.

The cost of Facebook ads for MLM promotions

The cost of running a network marketing Facebook ad varies. It can be very low, or it can be extremely expensive. The amount you pay for your ad can be influenced by the quality of the ad and the audience that you're targeting.

This article will give you some basic tips and guidelines for setting your Facebook ad budget. Once you have a basic understanding of how much you'll need to spend, you can set a reasonable amount. If you're on a tight budget, don't spend more than $5-25 per day. If you're targeting make money type of audiences, it's possible to spend $5-10+ per a click. Not a lead, a click!

When determining how much to spend for a Facebook ad, you'll first need to determine your objective. Are you trying to send traffic to your landing page? Are you trying to send people to Facebook post? Are you trying to get more likes and follows?

One thing is for sure, the more you try to keep people on FB, the lower the cost.

How do I create a highly effective MLM engagement ad?

Creating an engagement ad for network-marketing Facebook leads requires a certain amount of effort. Here's why. People that try to pimp network marketing companies get their ads rejected. Most ad platforms aren't so kind to MLMers.

So you have to be creative.

The idea for an engagement ad is to get a response. For example get more likes and shares.

When you do that, you are building up your identity in Facebook. Remember, keeping your audience on FB cost less than pushing people to your website.

How can you reach your audience without pushing an MLM company?

You might ask, isn't the point of the ad to recruit more people or get more MLM leads?

Yeah, but you have to be creative and use an indirect process.

If I gave you a formula, then it wouldn't be creative. You have to brainstorm for your own unique network marketing company. A strategy for somebody offering vitamins may not work for somebody promoting travel packages.

While building up your engaged audience, you'll notice that more people will see your non-paid, organic posts. From there, you can drive traffic to relevant offers.

How do I build an email list to build my MLM business?

So far, I've been going over Facebook lead generation strategies. That was all about using the FB platform to generate leads. However, I highly recommend building your email list outside of FB. It's something that you can easily manage even if FB ceases to exist. That might seem impossible, but I've seen multiple social media platforms die in the past. So build something that you have control over!

While building your list, be sure to be ethical with your lead generation techniques. The simple way to do this is by using a lead capture page. You can see a samplelead capture page here.

To build your email list effectively, you must be willing to offer a lead magnet. This can be free information, a discount, free shipping, or anything that will solve a problem for your target audience.

You have to give them value to make them want to subscribe and stay subscribed to your email list. But, it is crucial to engage visitors in order to build a list that will be valuable to them in the future.

You can use premium or free tools for building an email list, including landing pages and popup forms. No matter what you use, it's important to build your list of quality leads. These are people that have opted into your email list, reading your emails because they really want to, and they actually click on links in your emails. I'd rather have 1000 of these types of people compared to 10,000 people that just subscribe and do nothing.

Having a long list of great-quality leads will help your business grow, and you can turn your leads into loyal customers in the process. Building an email list for network marketing Facebook leads is not easy, but it's totally worth it. You'll be amazed by the results.