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Making Money in Your Side Hustle

Feb 15, 2022

Today, we're going to go over how to make money in your side hustle. 

It can be focused on network marketing, or not. I'll provide some guidance on both situations.

So, first I want to help you with what to do if you want to make money as a side hustle, but you really don't have any idea of what you should be selling or what you should be doing next. I also want to share with you the alternative to time management that will actually help you create more results and, lastly, I want to share with you how to greatly increase the speed of your success.

So, before anything else, let's see a quick background of what I'm doing. I had worked my way up in the corporate world to a pretty high-paying salary, and I decided I wanted to leave there, and so I used my available time while working to build a side hustle.

Now, I really like having time to think and make decisions, without asking someone to let me do that in a J.O.B.

So you are definitely on the right track. If you're wanting to create a side hustle, and make some extra money. Quite frankly, you know, a lot of people have been losing their jobs nowadays - recessions and automation are some reasons. Also, some companies do not have good financial management, and it leads to them being forced to close.

Making Money in Your Side Hustle

So I think it's smart for almost everybody to have a side hustle anyway, and so let's dive in.

If you don't yet have a side hustle yet, and you're not sure what can you do to make extra money, well, there are a lot of options out there.

You could start a podcast and start interviewing people, and build up a humongous following over an extended period of time, and maybe make some money with YouTube, etc.

My suggestion is, if you don't have a great idea or an invention or something you're already super passionate about, you might want to consider network marketing.

For people who don't have a great idea or an invention, network marketing is very low risk, has low overhead, and a lot of the stuff you would have to typically figure out, has already figured out for you.

So when you start network marketing, you don't have to think about supply chain management, trademarks, patents, ingredients, compensation, and all the typical stuff for building a business.

You just have to figure out how to get it in front of people.

Marketing, prospecting, recruiting, and closing sales are skills that you're going to need in any business that you ever start.

So why not let the experts figure the rest out?

If you do have a great idea or an invention, then run with it.

If you don't, consider network marketing now.

Whatever it is, that you're doing, you need to come up with a solid daily routine too.

Manage Your Time, Manage Your Daily Activities

That's all about time management. In other words, it's daily activity management.

What you'll need to do is take a look at whatever it is that you're doing.

Whether it's network marketing, whether it's cutting people's hair, whether it's massages, ... whatever it is that you're doing as a side hustle and ask yourself this question?

What makes it inevitable that our daily routines are successful?

So what are the things that you should do every day that would make you successful?

If you don't figure those questions out, you'll never have success.

So let's say you are a masseuse. What makes success in your business attainable?

You could start recording testimonials from your customers.

So you might have massaged some people, then try to get them to post a review about you on social media.

If you were reaching out to people that you know, or possibly even people that you don't know, and letting them know about your services - and you came up with a number like - maybe it's 10 people that reach out today, or even 20 people that reach out today, you can start monitoring and discover what it takes to grow your business.

How about building your business on social media?

Are you focused on activities that produce results?

So what kind of marketing did you do?

Did you create a TikTok, an Instagram Reel, or Facebook reel?

Did you do a Facebook live?

Did you reach out to people and tell them what it is that you offer, whether it's internet marketing services, personal training, massage, or providing fitness services. There are so many things.

Here's another thing to understand...

Money loves speed!

Your activity is significant, but there's a certain thing that really impacts speed, and that is your perspective. What do you want to focus on? What kind of mind do you have?

Your Mind Controls Your Ability to Achieve Success

What most people do is they have been trained since birth, whether it's from Hollywood, the media, their parents, and they notice all the things, and they dwell on all the things, and they spend attention and energy on all the things they don't want in their life.

Then the big realization comes in.... They notice that they're not making enough money.

Then they start to feel the struggle, and others starting to notice it too. It might be that people are rejecting them, or things just aren't working out, or they're frustrated, disappointment, disappointed overwhelmed, etc.

If you're in this situation, you have to decide where you want to be, and what you actually want in your life.

So, if you want to accelerate your success, then you should also start to feel like you feel as though the things you wanted have already been fulfilled.

So here's an example:

If you said, "I will become rich, that obviously means that you are already rich." Of course, not yet.

It's not just about saying it. You gotta be in the right mindset and actually feel it. So there is a trick to get you to do that:

You start to see yourself as already wealthy or whatever your idea of success is. From there, imagine being in that situation as if it was all real.

What would that feel like?

How can I know that it really is true?

Well, if you told me that it was true, I would know that it was true, because I would have done the things that I've discussed.

I would hear these things from other people, in my mind, so it's you actually creating almost like a fantasy land in your mind, to give your subconscious, the type of emotion that you want propagated this.

This is what I have learned from many gurus over the years, but one of my favorites is Napoleon Hill.

One of his popular quotes is:

Whatever The Mind Can Conceive And Believe, It Can Achieve

I truly believe in that.

This is a very powerful way of thinking, and it's one of the toughest ways for people to think, because they're so not used to that.

It's just like any habit. You gotta build it.

That's part of achieving that goal before it actually happens.

The more you do it, the more your mind and body gets used to it. Kinda like meditation.

I know that sounds like a lot, and some people might say that this is kinda wacky.

I get it. I used to think the same way.

However, I've done this for years and I can tell you first hand, it really works.

That's all for today!

Hope you enjoyed this article. If you'd like to build your side hustle, or maybe accelerate one that you already have, make sure that you check out this free training.