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Network Marketing Training Topics

Jan 06, 2022

So you're about to train your team for years to come. What network marketing training topics should you cover? What will push the needle and make a difference in your MLM business?

Let's discuss some topics, and more information about them so that you can get a better idea of what to share with your team.

Build a Strong Education Foundation

Network marketing training is about more than just selling products. It’s about understanding the audience you have and then creating an educational foundation that can be used by those who share your vision.

It’s about creating an environment in which the participants can learn from each other and take the skills they’ve developed to the next level.

Your product is only one aspect of a successful network marketing business. You should also know how to educate your audience and make it easier for them to understand what is happening in their lives and how those skills can be applied in the real world. How would you like your life to change? How would you like to get ahead financially? How do you want people to view you?

You have been given a unique opportunity to build a solid education foundation for yourself, your team, and your network of team builders.

What are some ideas for topics we can discuss at networking events or conferences?

There are many topics that could be discussed at networking events:

- Personal finance (financial habits, budgeting, saving...)

- Businesses most likely approached by someone who has gotten ahead financially (how did they do it?)

- Financial plan for the future (what are you going to do with all this money?)

- You might like to ask questions on topics such as: "What were two things that changed my life?", "What's something I've always wanted or something I've worked hard on?", etc.

Let's go over a major topic in this industry.

The Power of Trying

How many times do you have to run a marathon before you can finish a marathon?

How many times do you need to be in the center of an orchestra before you can play an instrument?

How many times do you need to compete on the national stage before winning your first game?

And how many times do you need to fight for your nation’s independence in order to win the war?

This may seem like a long-winded way of saying, “You don’t have to be perfect. You just need to try.” But it is true. You don’t have to be perfect. When in doubt, start over again until you are.

Even if there is no positive outcome, one can always learn by trying again and again until they succeed at what they want.

Plan for Success Using the SMART Method

In my 30 years of network marketing, I’ve seen a lot of training products. There are many different approaches to network marketing, and finding the right one for you can be a challenge.

I’ve had customers come to me with their own training programs. And I have found that because there are so many different styles and approaches, it is often very difficult to determine which is best for your particular company or program.

Good training materials will help you determine what works best for you and your business, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to find them. That’s why I use the SMART method and it's an awesome training topic.

Here's what SMART stands for.

  • Specific,
  • Measurable,
  • Achievable,
  • Realistic, and
  • Time Frame

A very important part of any successful network marketing business plan is making sure that each level focuses on what you need in order to succeed in your business and not just talk about success.

The SMART method allows you and your team to create realistic and actionable goals.

If you'd like to learn more about SMART, here's a great article.

Leading from the Start

After enrolling a new business builder, you'll want to lead them from the start. That means not jumping into topics that are meant for people that have been in the business for years. They're newbies, so take it easy.

This includes strategies and tips for starting your own network marketing business from scratch, how to sell products with the product-to-person method of selling, and marketing with other people.

The topics I'll be covering include:

1. How to Look For Networking Opportunities That Are Right For You

2. How to Talk to Your Friends

3. How to Talk to Your Family Members

4. How to Sell Products or Services to Your Warm Market

5. Common Mistakes that People Make in Network Marketing

So for somebody that is getting started, you can use this type of training content and then build upon it using topics that are specific to your company:

Network marketing is a business model that focuses on people making money by selling products and services through the Internet to consumers. The most common type of product sold is usually something like a home-based or office business.

The network marketing industry also offers training courses that help people learn how to market their products and services online.

Not only can you learn how to properly market your products and services, you can also earn a profit from your efforts. It doesn't matter whether you're trying to sell your own product or another's, in network marketing, you have the ability to make money from the work that you do.

But getting started in network marketing isn't easy. If you're new to this business, you may be nervous about starting a new business venture or wondering what kind of training program will be offered so that when you do start your own company, it'll be successful.

On the other hand, if you're already involved with an existing network marketing company, then you probably already know all there is to know about running a successful network marketing business.

Perhaps the questions that remain are whether or not it's worth learning all those different types of training programs and whether those courses are really worth your time (and money) right now.

I would recommend that if at all possible, you start with one of the "learn by doing" training programs offered by an existing member of an existing network marketing company. You might think that since they've been around for so long they must know everything there is to know about using this type of product or service in order to be able to offer quality training programs right now because they've been around for such a long time; but what if their resources are limited? What if there are things they just don't have time for? What if their company has grown over many years; and their resources aren't large enough for them to offer more than one course?

Even though I'm strongly suggesting that anyone interested in learning more about network marketing should first decide what type of specific course(s) they want to take before enrolling in any particular program; I also strongly suggest that any person who wants more information about any particular program should consult with someone experienced in this field before deciding which courses he/she wants to take -- which I'll explain below -- because some companies offer two (or three) different types of training programs:

a.) A hands-on course where participants actually spend some time going through curriculum;

b.) A seminar where participants

That's good for a training meeting for people that just enrolled into your company.

From my experiences, traditional MLM companies offer different modes of training. Some have regular in-person training workshops, some have training that delivered via mail, and many have training that's available online.

Whatever way your company offers training, you can customize the above content so that it works for you.

The Process for Building a Leadership Team

I feel like I've been putting together a lot of network marketing training material for you lately. One of the things that I've noticed that people tend to forget about is how to recruit other people into the program.

We live in a world where we have a lot of options when it comes to getting your potential customers to do business with you. We can offer them a free trial (if your company allows it) and then they can decide if they want to purchase something or not. We can offer them some sort of incentive so that they buy, but then we have to make sure that we're offering them something else, because if we don't give them an incentive, they won't buy from us.

Here's an example. Let's say that I'm promoting nutritional supplements. An incentive would be 4 weeks of fitness classes by a professional. That professional can be a friend, somebody that you hire, or even yourself if you have taken the pro path. I've seen people conduct these classes in public parks, housing complexes that have rentable spaces, or even community centers that allow it.

On the flip side of that coin, there are some people who just don't want to buy anything at all. They just don't need anything from us at all, and they probably don't even like what we're offering them anyway.

So when you look at it from this angle, there's really only one way for you to develop this kind of a relationship with these people and get their input: You need to set up an invitation system.

Building an invitation system is one way for you as much as anyone else , but when it comes down to it, building an invitation system is about more than just making someone come into your network marketing program.

You also have to make sure that the type of person who will eventually join your program fits your product line , so let's talk about exactly what that means before we dive into building an invitation system.

What does it mean for me as someone who is selling products or services? It means if I'm all over social media selling my products and services in order to make money online, there are certain ways in which I can build my organization into a micro-network with other people who are interested in doing business with me on top of that same micro-network in order for me to be able to sell those products or services effectively.

What can you do if you're just focused on building the network marketing opportunity? You can start looking for new friends and partners on top of already existing friends and partners within your micro-network. There are certain ways in which you can build your organization into a larger micro-network as well.

The first thing I think about when thinking about establishing new relationships is usually whether or not these relationships are mutually beneficial. If these people are interested in doing business with me on top of being friends, then we can move the business relationship forward.

For a training topic, you can discuss this relationship building process.

Engage Your Team in a Positive, Encouraging Environment

No matter how big your company, no matter how many employees you have, no matter how much money you make — it’s not going to be enough to change the world.

But we can change ourselves and our environment.

That’s what network marketing training is all about.

Don’t just do something for yourself; do something for the world around you. The more people who know about network marketing, the bigger it will become. The more people who know about network marketing, the more successful it will become:

Our world would be much better if we could connect the dots between those who are affected by poverty and those who are affected by prosperity.

If we could do that in a meaningful way ,then this world would be a much better place.

I don't know what kind of network marketer you are, but I'm sure you're passionate about this topic as well. You can actually teach others about this topic through your success stories or through your suggestions on which topics to cover next in your training workshops.

This goes beyond just selling and making money. Your network marketing business can allow you to create a purpose-driven life. My previous company called themselves crusaders. When you have a powerful and empowering mission, people will see and feel it.

Define Your Target Market and Use the 80/20 Rule

The 80/20 rule can be used in a lot of different ways to help you define your target market and identify key influencers.

For example, suppose you are selling a product that's in high demand and your company has a market share of 20%. The 80/20 rule tells us that, given any information about the product and its demand, it is possible to predict with 80% certainty that there will be 20% of the people who will buy the product.

This doesn't mean 20% of all people will buy the product.

Another way to think about it is 80% of your profits will come from 20% of your prospective customers.

However, that won't work if everyone is your market.

That's the importance of focusing on a target market. You're stacking the odds in your favor. You're focusing on people that are most likely to buy your products, services, or into your opportunity.

Some MLM companies have told me that there's no need to target your market because their products are so great that everyone needs them.

If the products were that awesome, then independent business owners (IBOs) wouldn't be needed.

Think about things this way. If you were selling overseas travel plans to people that were scared of flying or going on cruises, what do you think your success rate would be?

Close to ZERO.

Makes sense right?

Compensation Plan

If you've been a member of any kind of network marketing program, then you know that compensation plan is one of the best ways to show your appreciation to another member.

You can discuss the differences between different types of compensation plans, and their pros and cons.

In your training, you can cover how compensation plan works, its pros and cons, how it can help in achieving your goals, and what are some good resources for you that can help your audience with these topics.

Some companies start recruiting through their compensation plans.

You might have seen people drawing bubbles and tiers on a whiteboard to illustrate this.

Some people stay clear of this in the beginning.

That's because it can raise red flags with the audience and spark ideas of your company being a pyramid scheme.

What ever way you decide to promote your compensation plan training, just make sure that you offer it because it's an integral part of a persons network marketing business.


I've covered a bunch of network marketing training topics.

I hope that you've learned a lot and can apply it to your business, and build your team like crazy!

Also, have fun with it.

Nobody likes to sit around and listen to a super boring trainer.

Make sure that you grab my free network marketing training to learn more.