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Nikken Review

Sep 18, 2021

In this article, I’ll provide my Nikken review.

Nikken is one of the many companies that offer overpriced products under the comforting guise of panacea: cure-all medicines and magic-treatments for aches and pains designed to permanently eliminate them. The standard mantras of such companies are silly, nonsensical statements in the style of ‘catch the dream’ or ‘be the world’ which hope to reflect that the use of the company’s products will transform its proprietors into the healthiest people on the planet. Nikken’s motto of choice: “Discover it. Live it.”

Well, Nikken’s products certainly won’t kill you. The company would be shut out of business right quick if any of their materials were causing harm to people; simply, the company’s executives are marketing standard-fair products like comforters and vitamin pills as revolutionary medicines and charging exorbitant fees for them. Reviewing the products, they are insanely priced across the board: a King-size comforter runs upwards of $550. A standard fitness sneaker sells for $200. A “body energizer”, essentially an electronic shiatsu massager, runs upwards of $500. It’s highway robbery, without the highway, to charge such prices for products that are made just as well by other companies.

Like any company with inferior or standard products, Nikken attempts to make up for its poor revenues by offering up a ponzi business model. Unable to sell their products in the public arena, this business’s website promotes an “income opportunity” which involves selling its products that nobody is buying, anyway. After paying various overpriced fees for startup-kits, marketing materials and packaging, a person who has elected to pursue this opportunity now has to sell products that are almost impossible to sell. The only way to make any money is to convince someone else to become a distributor and collect that person’s start-up fee, effectively continuing the ponzi.

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