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Numis Network Review

Sep 18, 2021

In this article, you’ll learn more about Numis Network – an MLM company that offered collectible silver and gold coins.

I recently learned that Numis has ventured into the travel territory. After all, it’s not easy to scale with a finite level of gold and silver coins.

If you’re here for nostalgic reasons, here’s the review (more of a super rough draft) that I put together many years ago.

Numis is a network marketing business that promotes numismatic coins. In other words valuable gold and silver coins. This network market was created by three people, industry leaders, which include Mike Mezak. Numis network marketing business was launched in 2009. Numis was a new and fresh the idea of profiting from buying and selling money to profit and earn from the company. Numis network offers gold and silver mint – state, gold and graded silver coins

Numis network market promotes and sells valuable silver and gold coins.

Table of Contents

  1. Building a Profitable Business By Offering Coins
  2. More About Numastics
  3. Are there Coin Experts in Numis Network?
  4. Does Numis Network Offer Any Guarantees?
  5. Numis Network Compensation – What You Need to Know…
  6. Numis’ Super Business Builder: Mike Mezack
  7. In Conclusion

Building a Profitable Business By Offering Coins

To profit from this MLM company you just have to sell the coins by marketing and promoting this collector coins. There three ways to earn money from this MLM company. The first way is to recruit down lines to create repetitive incentives. The second way is to enroll an organization to make the same amount of profit as you associates. Lastly, the third way is through the Fast Track Collector’s Kit, you earn $100 for each one you sell and there is no limit on how many you sell. Therefore you earn from your buyers and profit through Numis Network.

While other MLM companies promote diet pills/plans, juices, and skin products, Numis Network is promoting coins that are very valuable that are based on their age, the type of metal they’re made from, how rare they are, and the quality when it was originally made.

Their numismatic coins are the best coins to purchase and collect. They offer rare and vintage coins from all around the world. Numis network is a legal business and recently expanded their business to the UK, even though the UK isn’t MLM friendly. There is no better time to join Numis network because of the economy is low and the value of silver and gold coins are high. Also with Numis compensation plan they offer a binary pay plan. The binary pay plan has become very popular over the years and the difference from the Numis pay plan is that a mandatory training pack is included with the pay plan.The training pack provides good representatives and good upfront commission for selling it because the training pack is commissionable.

Global sales were up to 100 billion dollars per year and in the United States, sales were up to 10 billion dollars a year around 2012. Seeing how much Numis network market grew, there wasn’t a better time when they first launched Numis. Numis network market targets those who want to purchase or/and sell numismatic coins to build their business. To be successful in this business you need to recruit as many people possible. The more you recruit the more representatives the company has to sell their product and the closer you are to your goal of succeeding.

More About Numastics

Numis Network Marketing Business is a business that is in the market of selling gold, silver, and commemorative coins. The company allows people to profit from selling and purchasing these numismatic coins and represent the company. Mike Mezak is also associated with the Numis network marketing business.

There are many people worldwide that collect coins as a hobby and Numis network has created a business out of it. People collect coins that are of value and some admire the beauty of the coins that they collect. Collecting coins can be fun and it’s trendy among people of all ages and all races. Collecting coins is also financially beneficial. The purpose of Numis Network investing in this coin collecting industry is the same concept as others who collect cars and sports cards. Numis network offers opportunities to people interested in this type of business.

Numis network marketing business get its name from the word numismatic. Numismatic means the study of money and coins. It makes a lot of sense since this company promotes valuable gold and silver coins. Numis network doesn’t have much competition because there are not many MLM companies that aim to promote numismatic coins. Other MLM companies have a lot of competition because the products they promote are similar to each other. In ancient times, many countries valued gold and silver. Egyptians went crazy for gold and silver was also very valued until the middle kingdom. The Roman Empire used gold for acquisitions. Silver was used for general uses like daily transactions. The Romans had a lot of gold and silver.

When Spain started discovering gold and silver in new territories, their ships were loaded with these precious metals. Their ships were often targeted by pirates who are looking for valuables. These are the other ways how gold and silver were transferred. Even though Numis network marketing business is not like Spain’s ships filled with valuable gold and silver you still earn and profit a lot from the company. In Numis the company representatives earn large bonuses and help make the business grow bigger. The coins that they offer are at a good rate so the cost of the coins will grow and cost more in the future.

Numis is a great business and there is no better time to join since the economy is low and the price of valuable gold and silver are high.

Are there Coin Experts in Numis Network?

There are many valuable coins in the business that you purchase and sell. Numis network only offers the best silver and gold coins to buyers and sellers. These valuable coins also includes American silver and gold eagles from various mintages, vintage, commemorative, rare, and ancient coins that are at the highest value and best quality.

In conclusion, Numis is the best network marketing business to join right now because of the economy and the value of silver and gold numismatic coins. Numis network also offers the best coins to purchase and sell to other buyers. You also have associates that are aiming for the same goals as you are and down lines that will help you reach your goal.

Does Numis Network Offer Any Guarantees?

Numis Network also provides money back guarantee to buy back your coins, the guarantee lasts up to five years. You profit each time a retail customer buys from your website.

Preferred customers are able to get discount prices. Through the compensation plan that Numis Network has created you earn 50% of all the company’s bonus volume. In conclusion Numis Network is the most profitable MLM company right now because of the economy and the value of gold and silver are of high value.

Numis Network Compensation – What You Need to Know…

When you are planning to join Numis network marketing business you should get to know more about the compensation plan first. Numis compensation plan was created by Ian Cordell and Chris Kent, they are two of the three founders of Numis Network Marketing business. They started a company called International Direct Selling Technology Corporation, (IDSTC), in 2001. This company is a software and technology company that makes compensation plans and works with many other direct sales company. They created the compensation plan from the previous compensation plans that they had created over the years and what they felt the best for the compensation plan when Numis first started. The founders knew that if the distributors didn’t make any money then they would quit the company so if the distributors made an effort then they would earn money in their first month.

The two main ways to earn money is through binary or residual side, and upfront money or coded matching side. The binary compensation plan is for two people and since it’s only for two people it prevents “spillover” from the up line. You get paid from the person that earn the most from the group and if you want to get the bonuses you have to recruit a certain amount of people. In Numis, you need to add a person on to your left and one for the right to earn bonuses. But from the code matching bonuses you get to earn from both sides including the the one that earns more. With the coded matching bonuses for each person you recruit you earn $100 and it doesn’t matter where they are in your team. Bonuses are paid weekly. For the first three people you bring to the Numis network marketing business they are called you “foundation team”. the other people you recruit are called your “Legacy team”. Since you are a executive, whatever they earn you get a matching to, if they earn a bonus you do too.

To learn more about the compensation plan you should ask your up line because getting to know any compensation plan is not easy. To be successful you need to be committed to what your doing and reach your goal, so talk to you up line on how you can profit from the company now and in the far future. Consider how you will succeed in this company and profit quickly. Numis network marketing business is not hard to profit from.

Numis’ Super Business Builder: Mike Mezack

Have you ever wondered how Mike Mezack became so successful? There are three reasons why he strengthens Numis. He has that helped him become successful in the Numis business. He has a lot of experience in the Numis industry and he helped the network marketing business grow tremendously throughout the years since Numis was first introduced. If you don’t know what Numis is then I will explain to you, Numis is a network marketing business and this business profits by buying and selling gold, silver, commemorative, rare, and old coins. This network marketing business was first launched in 2009 and has become a very successful business since then.

The first reason is that Mike Mezack has excess one billion dollar sales. He is the number one person in selling numismatic coins and contributed in creating the Numis network marketing business. He also created a generous amount of credibility to for the numismatic coin industry.

The second reason that Mike Mezack has strengthened the Numis network Marketing business is because he is an expert on numismatic coins and has been in promoting numismatic coins for over twenty years. He has been on the Home Shopping Network and many other infomercials.

The third reason how he strengthens Numis is that he has revolutionized the way coin collectors collected the coins and pioneering the sales to modern, graded issued silver and gold coins. Mike Mezack is featured in the Numis network training and sales videos. Through his success he has made a lot of money from numismatic coins. Numis network offers flawless American silver eagle coin in top condition that have never been touched by anyone. Mike Mezack is an irreplaceable person in the Numis network marketing business because of the amount of knowledge and experience he has.

Mike Mezack is a very important person in the numismatic coin industry and he has a lot of experience in Numis network marketing business and in collecting and selling coins. He is a role model for Numis network marketing business and is featured in the sales and training videos. He changed the numismatic coin industry and is the number one sales representative of promoting numismatic coins. He helped to create the numismatic coin business and gave a good amount of credibility to the numismatic coin industry. Those are the three main reasons why Mike Mezack strengthens the numismatic coin industry and Numis network marketing business.

In Conclusion

In this review, you’ve learned a lot about the company, what they offer, and how individuals like Mike have greatly profited by offering precious metals. While the Numis Network business website is no longer around, there are still many business opportunities that you can tap into.