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Q Sciences MLM Reviews

Dec 25, 2023

Q Sciences MLM Reviews

Company Overview

Q Sciences is a multi-level marketing company that sells health and wellness products. The company was founded in 2013 by CEO, Robert Nelsen. Q Sciences is headquartered in Sandy, UT.


Founded in XYZ, our company has a rich history in .... We have been through many changes over the years, but our commitment to quality .... Remains the same.
In XYZ, we introduced our first product/service XYZ, which was met with great success. This was followed by the launch of XYZ in XYZ, which quickly became our most popular product/service.
Today, we continue to innovate and offer new, unique products and services that meet the changing needs of our customers. We are proud to be a leading provider of XYZ and are committed to providing the best possible experience for our customers.


Our mission is to provide our customers with the best possible experience by offering quality products and services that exceed their expectations. We aim to build long-term relationships with our customers by delivering value and creating a positive impact in their lives.


Q Sciences is a health and wellness company that produces a variety of products that are designed to improve your health. These products include supplements, skincare, and essential oils. They also have a line of products for pets. Q Sciences is a direct sales company, so you can earn money by selling their products and recruiting other people to sell them as well. In this review, we'll be focusing on their products.


The Q96 is a CPU from Qualcomm that was released in December 2019. It is used in mobile devices and is based on the Snapdragon 855 SoC.

Q Max

Q Max is a line of products that are designed to maximise your productivity.
The line includes a variety of products such as the Q Max Desk, which is a ergonomic desk that is adjustable to fit your needs, and the Q Max Chair, which is a comfortable and supportive chair that can help you stay productive when working long hours.
Q Max also offers a number of accessories such as the Q Max Mousepad, which provides an optimal surface for your mouse, and the Q Max Wrist Rest, which helps reduce strain on your wrists.


Q-Fuse is a type of fiber that is used in a variety of applications where strength, flexibility, and durability are required. It is made by combining two or more different types of fibers into a single strand, which gives it unique properties that make it ideal for specific uses.


Q-Gel is a professional strength joint supplement that provides real results. It is made with a unique formula of ingredients that are designed to work together to support joint health. This supplement is perfect for those who are looking for a way to improve their mobility and reduce joint pain.

Compensation Plan

The Q Sciences compensation plan has several ways for affiliates to earn income, including retail commissions, team commissions, and a binary compensation structure.

Fast Start Bonuses

The Fast Start Bonuses are designed to incentivize new IBOs to grow their business quickly. When a new IBO joins Amway, they can earn up to 50% of the Performance Bonus on eligible products purchased by personally sponsored downline IBOs in their first 60 days. This can be a significant source of income for a new IBO, jump starting their business.

Enroller Bonuses

The Enroller Bonuses are a special set of bonuses paid to IBOs who sponsor new IBOs. You can earn up to $100 in Enroller Bonuses for each new IBO you sponsor who joins Q Sciences and enrolls in an active income plan.

Residual Commissions

In Q Sciences, there are two ways to earn commissions: retail sales and residual commissions. Residual commissions are paid out through a binary compensation plan structure.
In a binary compensation plan, an affiliate is placed at the top of a binary team, split into two sides (left and right):
-The first level of the binary team houses two positions.
-The second level of the binary team is generated by splitting these first two positions into another two positions each (4 positions).
-The third level of the binary team is generated by splitting these second level positions into another two positions each (8 positions).

These levels continue on down until theyreach infinity. Because it is downline commission earned on both sides of thebinary team, this is referred to as spillover.

Q Sciences Reviews

Q Sciences is an American multi-level marketing company that sells a variety of health and wellness products. The company was founded in 2013 by two former Amway executives, John Fleming and Tarl Robinson. Q Sciences products are sold through a network of independent distributors, and the company has been criticized for being a pyramid scheme.


The following are testimonials from happy Q Sciences customers. If you have a testimonial you would like to share, please submit it here.
I have been taking the products for about 2 months now and I have so much more energy and I don’t feel sluggish anymore. Also, my mood has improved significantly. Overall, I feel great! - K.W.
I was a little skeptical at first, but after trying the products, I was amazed at how well they worked! I have more energy and I don’t get sick as often as I used to. - J.S.
I love the Q Sciences products! They have made such a difference in my life. I have more energy and I feel great! - S.M.


Q Sciences is a direct-selling company that offers health and wellness products. The company was founded in 2014 and is based in Draper, Utah.
Q Sciences has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, but there are some complaints about the company on the BBB website.
Some reviewers say they had a good experience with Q Sciences, while others say they were disappointed with the products and/or customer service.

Q Sciences BBB Rating

Although Q Sciences is not accredited with the Better Business Bureau, they do have an A+ rating. This is based on the factors of time in business, transparency, complaints filed and how those complaints were handled by the company. In the last three years, there have been 15 closed complaints. Of those, 13 were closed in the last 12 months. Most of these complaints seem to revolve around issues with the product or problems with billing and shipping.

Is Q Sciences a Scam?

Q Sciences is a multi-level marketing company that sells a variety of health and wellness products. The company was founded in 2014 by Deshaun Barnaby and Tanya Beatty.
Q Sciences claims to be a “uniquely positioned” MLM company that offers its members the opportunity to “live their best life” by achieving “physical, mental, social, and financial balance.”
The company sells products in the following categories:
-Energy and cognitive performance
-Weight management
-Digestive health
-Beauty and skin care

Q Sciences Lawsuits

Q Sciences has been hit with several lawsuits in recent years, alleging that the company is a pyramid scheme. The lawsuits allege that Q Sciences recruiters are encouraged to sign up new members and purchase products in order to receive commissions, and that the company's sales structure is designed to reward recruiters for recruiting rather than selling products.
Q Sciences has denied these allegations, and the cases are currently pending in court.

Q Sciences Alternatives

The company offers a variety of products in categories such as brain health, energy and performance, immunity, pain management, and skincare. They also have a line of CBD products. You can purchase these products through their online store or through one of their independent distributors, known as Brand Partners.
Brand Partners earn commissions on the sales of Q Sciences products they make to customers, as well as on the sales of other Brand Partners they recruit to join the company. There are several different ways to earn commissions, bonuses, and other incentives through the Q Sciences compensation plan.
Q Sciences is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company that sells supplements and other health-related products.