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Scentsy Review

Sep 18, 2021

In this article, I’ll provide my Scentsy review.

Scentsy is a direct selling candle business which uses a 25 or 15 watt bulb to warm the wax, instead of a wick. The candles are wickless, smokeless, and flameless. The company is owned by Orville and Heidi Thompson and headquartered in Meridian, Idaho. The Thompson’s have a three-point business strategy that drives everything Scentsy does: Simplicity, Authenticity, and Value. They offer fragrance sprays, hanging freshners, and travel tins in their product line as well.

Scentsy is a legitimate marketing business where consultants are independent contractors selling through home parties, fundraisers, and their own Scentsy Website. The Consultant typically makes a commission on everything they sell. There are start-up costs, the Scentsy starter kits are $99 plus shipping and handling. The starter kit contains everything you need to start your candle business including, 80 party size scent testers, order forms, business cards, a warmer, and a scent bar. To remain an active Scentsy Consultant you must place at least $150 order every quarter.

The Scentsy Website is free the first 3 months, after that there is a $10 per month charge. The Scentsy model works on a multi-level compensation package enabling a consultant to earn money from sales and from the sales of other consultants they recruit. A consultant typically makes 30 percent on personal sales and receive bonuses from downline for others recruited and trained to sell and be a part of your team. To be successful as a Consultant you need to market properly and live in an area appropriate for these type of sales, where the market isn’t saturated.

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