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TAVA Network Marketing Review

May 08, 2022

Here’s the thing about TAVA Lifestyle Company.

If you think you’re gonna make money by becoming a distributor and selling this stuff, you’re mistaken.

You don't make a ton of sales just by signing up.

You have to be in it for the long haul, and I'm talking years, not just weeks or months.

That said, I believe it's a legit network marketing company.

When you think of this product line, you immediately think of cleansing or weight loss.

From the business perspective, you think of social networking.

But it’s not quite that simple.

Think about this.

If you are a person who wants to network effectively, you should already have networking experience. You gotta network all the time.

If people are looking for their products, you can sell it. However, most people have no clue what TAVA Lifestyle is and that's why the products don't sell themselves. That's why they need people like you to promote the products. 

But here is where Tava gets it right.

They took that one step further.

They took it to the next level.

They focus on the new trends of social sharing and running a phone-based business.

You know what I mean?

It’s more than just networking.

It’s more than selling.

It’s actually about creating something. Your freedom, your legacy, and improving your lifestyle as well as others.

...and making people want those benefits.

Here are some details about the company (as of 5/2022)

TAVA Ventures, LLC.
901 Sam Rayburn Hwy
Melissa, Texas 75454

Mission Statement

"Tava's mission is to provide a safe and fair environment for people to exercise their gifts and talents with the goal of creating a better life for themselves and their families."

TAVA Leadership

Their website domain was registered through GoDaddy on 5/31/2019.

What does TAVA offer?

What is TAVA Network Marketing Company Selling?

Their main focus is selling weightloss products. On their website, they mention that they help people with weight management support  through their Power Pack.

The Power Pack includes these and costs close to $165.

  • Vacia Detox Tea (30 sachets)
  • TAVA’s Valé30® (32 fl. oz)
  • Flare Energy (30 capsules)

I found out about them from a former member.

Here's what she said:

"Their core products are the same as all other network marketing companies. The main difference is the size of the company, and of course, the products that they offer. They started several years ago and it seems like they're still doing quite well. The products and sales techniques are pretty much the same as all other MLM companies. Meaning that there's nothing super spectacular. People join to build a business using the network marketing, pyramid-like business opportunity."

And they have a whole bunch of different products they’re selling.

The one I’m most interested in is called "Flare Energy."

From their site:

"Flare Energy may also increase muscle growth and help regulate your metabolism."

With anything that increases muscle size, you're optimizing your metabolism. The more muscles you have, the more calories that you can burn - even if you're just sitting on your couch.

How do you earn income from the TAVA Lifestyle Business Opportunity?

Having a TAVA shop isn't just like running an ecommerce store. You can't just sell their products on eBay or Amazon like people would do through Amazon FBA or dropshipping.

With TAVA Connect, you can manage and build your business from your smartphone.

They've made an innovative app that bypasses a lot of the traditional marketing that so many network marketing companies call "the ultimate system."

Let's agree that the future of selling products is through social media.

Even if you've never used social media, or you're not a smartphone techie, you can learn from TAVA's system.

As we know, social media has changed everything.

Social media is the new TV, radio, newspapers, and magazines...and it's integration into the most popular digital media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter.

And it’s the main way most people get information these days. It also gets attention in a way no other medium has, and is therefore the most effective way to market to a wide audience.

So what does all this have to do with MLMs?

Social media is the new way MLMs sell products.

Just look at how much money companies spend on advertising, and compare that to how much they spend on social media.

The results are obvious.

But it’s not just about money.

The best way to promote a product through social media is by using the most effective social media platforms.

The way you can do that is by creating and publishing content, that works best in those particular channels.

Because if you don’t know how to use them, and you aren’t producing quality content for them, you are wasting your money.

Forget about malling, driving people to opportunity meetings, and desperately chasing after your friends and family.

This is pretty much modern-age MLM prospecting on steroids.

Is TAVA Lifestyle a scam or pyramid scheme?

Many people are calling TAVA Lifestyle a scam because of how the top producers have built their TAVA organizations through pyramid-style recruiting.

Well, the problem is TAVA Lifestyle is actually built around an entirely different model than what many people think it is.

And the fact is, a lot of people who were recruited into TAVA Lifestyle over the past several years have been able to earn significant commissions using TAVA Lifestyle. Many of them are making more money right now than they did at their old job (and even a lot more than they did at their new job).

So no, TAVA Lifestyle is not a scam.

If you consider how they help people build businesses using their smartphone app, TAVA Connect, it's actually a better business building experience than most MLM or Network Marketing companies that are out there. That's just my opinion.

If you think that all companies that recruit tons of marketers are illegal pyramid schemes, then I would say stay away from any business that makes commissions through recruiting.

That's a general statement, but many sales organizations, including brokerages, recruit people and make overrides off of people.

The main difference is that the power to recruit is offered to just about any indepedent business owner/recruit in the TAVA Lifestyle company. Doing this allows you to generate passive, residual income and that's the power of this business opportunity.

How does their commission structure work?

TAVA uses a binary compensation plan to build your downline fast.

An MLM binary compensation plan is a type of commission structure used by multi-level marketing companies. The MLM binary compensation plan is popular because it offers fast earnings potential and allows distributors to build a large downline quickly using the concept of "spill over."

Binary uses 2 legs.

If you just wanted to create depth, then a company could just create a single legged MLM where you, and everyone else your recruit, would only have a single person below.

However, having width and depth is better.

If you can imagine the difference between having 1 leg, versus 2 legs, you can see that it would take longer to build 2 under 2, versus 1 under 1. However, you can diversify with 2 legs.

Nowadays, most MLM companies aren't just plain binary, or single leg, or traditional matrix.

With binary, there's always going to be a strong leg and a weak leg. In a strong leg, you might have a leader that knows how to build a downline the quick way. Another leader in your organization might be more focused on pushing recruits to purchase more products. Another might focus on personal sales without recruiting. 

Traditional binaries focus on the amount or levels that match, comparing one leg to the other.

Modern MLM companies realize the problems associated with traditional binaries, and other compensation systems. That's why they use hybrid compensation plans, special bonuses and payouts to sweeten up the residual income money pot.

My opinion: don't get sold just because of a residual income compensation plan. All legit MLM's work in creating wealth if they offer great products and leadership.

If you focus on generating personal sales + sponsor other people over the long haul, you should earn residual commission through the volume that you generate.

Can I build a TAVA business and just focus on getting more customers?

If you're not into recruiting, MLM isn't right for you. You might be better off in direct sales or affiliate marketing.

One of the main reasons why I say this is because MLM compensation plans focus on paying out across multiple tiers, and TAVA Lifestyle is no different.

If you focus on direct sales, which have single tiers in most cases, the company typically offers a higher commission for acquiring a customer from yor personal activities.

There is no need to recruit and worry about which leg is stronger than the other one.

However, you are the only person that is building the business. You don't have a group of people that will build your company for you.

If you don't make sales, then you're not earning commissions unless you are selling products that have a recurring billing or subscription component.


In conclusion, TAVA Lifestyle is a great opportunity for those looking to start their own business in the weight loss, energy, or detox industry.

The company provides all the necessary, modern tools and support to help you succeed. With a low startup cost and no monthly fees, TAVA is a great option for anyone looking to make some extra money.

If you're not into traditional network marketing, TAVA's smartphone app will help you build and manage your business online.