How WFG Reps Can Get More Leads

Sep 18, 2021

In this article, I’ll go over concepts that will help you get more leads and prospects for your WFG business.

Before I start this article, I want to say that I am no longer part of WFG/World Financial Group. I was part of the company and then had my own brokerage for several years. During that process I was able to learn a lot of stuff outside of the box…and that included marketing my business using the internet.
After all, why talk to several people a day when you can reach 100′s or 1000′s using the internet?

Let’s Get Started

Prospecting is the key they say. I ended up prospecting all over the place. Going to malls, bookstores, talking to strangers in Walmart, doing stuff that my upline hated me doing…just to get a number.
I eventually did cold calling, door-to-door, my own seminars, and direct mail.
I have to say, all of that old-school stuff was much more fulfilling than talking to strangers in those shops like I did when I first started. It was a whole learning lesson, and then I eventually had kids. That changed everything.
Well, to make a long story short, I ended up going online to find easier ways of doing the business.

Getting leads online

The first thing I did was purchase leads from the internet. At less than 20 bucks a pop, it seemed like a good deal. If I had 10 leads and I just closed 1, then I would make more money than I spent…even if I purchased 20 leads.
That’s what I though anyways and I was dead wrong.
Those leads were shared between 5 other agents. I thought I had everything right. I signed up for tons of companies so I can be a full broker. I would just show the prospects all of the prices for all of the major companies and they would take their pick. Seemed simple right?
Well competing with 5 other agents was like playing hardball. They were pretty dirty and lied just to get the sale. I wasn’t that type to lie my butt off, so I just tried to find ways to work smarter.
The thing that effected me the most was doing underground lead generation. Why do I call it underground? That’s because there are so many compliance issues with marketing your business online…especially if you’re part of World Financial Group.
The company want to check out all of your marketing materials before actually using them. Unfortunately, those reviewers can’t make decisions on stuff they have no clue about. Marketing your business online is dynamic and it needs to change all of them time in order for you to become successful. That’s having the competitive edge and that also means that you can’t rely on ignorant reviewers.
With all of that being said, I just eluded to something earlier. I purchased leads from another company online. They generated the leads for me. The secret to this whole underground marketing is to understand how to actually marketing online no matter what business your in.
Let me go more deeper into this. Since some other company generated the leads for me, why don’t they have to be approved by my compliance company…but yet, I can still buy them and it wouldn’t have any issues form the compliance end of things?
This is pretty deep stuff…eh? You’ll probably never hear about this stuff from your uplines…nobody that I’ve met in WFG has learned this kind of stuff the way that I have. It’s not just something that I picked up…it happened after combining ideas that I’ve learned after reading hundreds of sales and marketing books. No kidding.
Before I conclude, I have to say that you don’t have to purchase leads to build your business. In fact, it’s something that I strongly recommend “not” doing. You can actually generate leads at a fraction of the price. It’s not that hard once you learn “the right way”.