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Why is Network Marketing the Business of the 21st Century?

Jun 18, 2022

Why is network marketing the business of the 21st century? I believe that idea came from Robert Kiyosaki. In fact, he wrote a book with that title.

I’ve been a big fan of Robert Kiyosaki ever since I read Rich Dad Poor Dad. It was one of the best business books I’ve ever read and it’s helped me launch several businesses.

With over 41 million copies sold, Robert Kiyosaki’s books are some of the most popular business books of all time. I just took a peek at Amazon and book has over 82,000 reviews!

In this article, I'll cover some of the important topics that I learned from the book, and why MLM is the business for the 21st century.

Succeeding as an Entrepreneur

In the business world, a new breed of entrepreneur is emerging. Many of today’s entrepreneurs are choosing to start small businesses, instead of large corporations. Why? Because they realize that starting their own business is the only way they can be truly reach financial, time, and location freedom.

However, entrepreneurship isn’t easy. To be a successful entrepreneur, you must understand the business environment that exists, both online and offline. In The Business Of The 21st Century, Robert Kiyosaki provides his ideas to help you succeed as an entrepreneur.

Before building your business, here's something that you should know...

What is Robert Kiyosaki's Cashflow Quadrant?

This can also be called the ESBI quadrant.

The cash flow quadrant is an organizational tool that helps people understand their level of self-sufficiency and how to achieve greater levels of wealth through entrepreneurship. According to Robert Kiyosaki's The Cashflow Quadrant book, it is based on four factors: employee, self-employed, business owner, investor.

E: As an employee, you work for somebody else. You don't have total control over your financial future.

If the company fails, you are out of a job. It's that simple. If you want to retire in comfort, you typically need to follow the 401k-like retirement plan and wait several decades for your money to grow.

You're lucky if it grows enough by then.

S: As a self-employed person, you start your own business. You have control over your financial future but your work can be erratic. You may work part time to make ends meet. You may not work at all one year and then suddenly find yourself working on a full-time basis. 

In some ways, you create your own jail. You work in your own job. You don't have a scalable business, you don't have time freedom, and many times, you don't have location freedom unless you're a digital nomad.

B: As a business owner, you are in charge of everything. Your income is more reliable and predictable, especially if you do well. You also have the greatest ability to influence your financial future.

I: As an investor, you have money to invest. You don't have to do anything to see your money grow. You just watch it grow and make sure you don't lose it. Whether you invest in stocks, mutual funds, or real estate, your money will grow over time, passively for the most part. Robert's focus is real estate. I'll explain more about why later on.

As an investor, there might be some effort on your part, it's minimal compared to working in a job.

As you can see here, the great wealth builders are owning your own business and being an investor.

If you plan things correctly, you can build a business, and then start investing in passive income investments.

How to be a Master of Businesses

If you're a business owner, it is up to you to become a master of your businesses. No one else is going to do it for you. If you can't figure out something, ask someone else who has figured it out before. It's a part of being in business.

As a traditional business owner, you are responsible for managing your employees, keeping your clients happy, keeping your finances in order and, most importantly, meeting the needs of your customers.

However, traditional businesses aren't the only way to build your business.

The Business of the 21st Century

The business model that Robert Kiyosaki recommends is network marketing.

There’s been an interesting shift over the past decade with the rise of the internet. We see that network marketing is making a resurgence as the best business model to build a business based on your passion. While there are many reasons that you should consider building a business based on your passion, let’s take a moment to explore the benefits of this business model.

Getting Real-World Business Education

Network marketing is a fun, social, and life-changing experience.

Many network marketing companies provide the critical skills to make it in business: an attitude of success, dressing for success, overcoming personal fears, doubts, and lack of confidence.

Your Tribe

You are surrounded by people who are there to help you make more money. You are surrounded by people who share the same core values as you do.

You can't be successful in a network marketing business without the support of others.

Some people get caught up in pushing the product. However, the real power is in your network.

Network marketing is brilliant because it allows you to leverage your time and effort.

Build You Business at Scale

Network marketing is about sharing information and personal stories, not about hard selling. It is also about caring about the success of those you bring into the business. The key to success in network marketing is what you can duplicate.

The ability to duplicate is the magic key here, not the ability to be a top salesperson.

You DO NOT have to be a great public speaker.

You can scale your business by building a network of people who are interested in what you have to offer.

You can grow a business as big as you want. As a network marketer, your job is to connect with people, invite them to experience the products you are excited about, and take a look at the information you have.

You need to help your new team members learn what you have learned.

You don't need highly skilled salespeople to duplicate what you do. You need people who are willing to learn basic business and communication skills and grow themselves personally into self-determining entrepreneurs and team-builders.

Becoming Inspired By Great Leaders

Leadership is the ability to inspire others to follow you. You must develop the ability to speak directly to other people's spirits.

Great leaders are storytellers who are able to communicate their vision vividly.

The most important skill for network marketing leaders is storytelling.

You need to have a good mind, spirit, body, and emotions in order to succeed in network marketing.

The Mechanism to Create True Wealth

Wealth is not measured by income. You have the capacity to live richly for many years into the future.

The rich work for a different kind of money.

Network marketing is an engine of personal wealth creation.

One you attain wealth from your own business, you can reinvest your earnings into passive income instruments like stocks, mutual funds, or real estate. If I had a choice, it would be real estate. You're able to leverage your equity, something that stocks and mutual funds don't offer.

From there, you'll be building up your passive income lifestyle!

The great thing is that you can do this without having to quit your job. It's totally up to you.

This Isn't Like Any Other Business

Network Marketing Companies help you live your dreams by helping you achieve your goals.

You need to make a big change in your life, and the only way to do that is to start thinking differently about yourself and your potential.

Just by building your network marketing business, you can create a lot of positive changes within yourself.

Commit to it, and to the idea that you can overcome your problems and live a fulfilling life.

The Future of Building a Passive Income Lifestyle

Just like any opportunity, you should be careful when choosing a network marketing company. Not all of them are the same, and some don't provide all of the benefits that I mentioned in this article.

You want a company that will provide you with a system of training, education, and the ability to create an ethical, scalable business.

Your want a company that will allow you to leverage the power of internet-based technologies to build and scale your business faster than ever before.

You have the ability to make a lot of money, but you need to develop your financial intelligence to do so.

There are times when life seems unfair. There are others that are doing better than you. It's not always because they were born that way, or have access to things that you don't have. Your mindset and your actions moving forward can make a positive difference in your life!

Isn't it time to build a 21st-century business?