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GVO Business Opportunity Review

Sep 18, 2021

In this article, I’ll go over my GVO business opportunity review.

Thanks for checking out my GVO business review. I'm assuming that you're looking at GVO from a business opportunity perspective. Joel Therien, the CEO, has done a good job in promoting his virtual side hustles for decades.

Global Virtual Opportunities has been in the online, web hosting-focused network marketing business for 18 years and provides array of quality products for online marketers. Their vision is to empower the online marketers to brand and help them strengthen their brand, business and lifestyle. GVO’s service is especially directed towards businesses that want to create some steam by getting more traffic and customers.

With the increasing ratio of cyber crimes, investing in an online marketing company is usually a nerve-racking thought. Several questions related to the legitimacy of the company start popping in our heads. That being said, Is GVO a real business opportunity or a scam?

Let us examine this question in the aforementioned paragraphs and judge for ourselves whether we should step forward to shake hands with them or bid them adios.

What Makes GVO Unique

This unique online business marketing firm offers a combined benefit of both general services and internet marketing services to online marketers, impacting their businesses in a positive frame. They have successfully maintained a high level retention rate, which only most of us can dream. Despite shutting down their operations in Canada and not competing for business for two years, they managed to maintain their distributors, representatives and consumers. GVO services compete with companies that generate revenues exclusively through network marketing.

The GVO Affiliate Program

The GVO affiliate program offers the ability to get started in the world of global virtual opportunities. Affiliates can earn a commission on any of their sales they generate through their links, and it offers a wide range of benefits for both affiliates and prospective customers. The GVO affiliate program is easy to join, and it offers great potential for earning money online. 

While I haven't seen him mention any guarantees on make a 6 or 7 figure income from his business opportunity, many of his affiliates or business partners have. This just isn't an ordinary affiliate program. Their affiliate page mentions the ability to leverage down to 6 levels. If you bring in 4 directly, then you can leverage down to 10 levels.

GVO History and Joel Therien

Kiosk CEO Joel Therien migrated from Canada to San Antonio, Texas due to the scarcity in bandwidth, and launched GVO. After 2 years, the company launched their website hosting, email marketing system, and easy video producer. I became a customer so did thousands of others. Joel’s success was created through his network marketing strategies.

Joel Therien is a business executive and entrepreneur with over 25 years of business experience in the digital marketing industry. If you haven't seen him before, he's a super buff dude. Joel and his wife used to be pro bodybuilders.

In his current role as CEO of Global Virtual Opportunities (GVO), Joel is driving global growth by relentlessly pursuing new global, virtual opportunities for his clients. With an impressive track record of success, Joel is well-qualified to share his insights on building a thrive internet marketing business and you can benefit by promoting his network marketing and affiliate opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is GVO focused on affiliate marketing or MLM?

Global virtual opportunities (GVO) is a network marketing company that is focused on creating virtual opportunities. Why do I consider it MLM? It's because they provide incentives by recruiting others across several levels. Just out of the gate, you can earn from 6 levels. If you get 4 people into your team directly, then you can unlock earnings from 10 levels.

Why is it not an affiliate program or direct sales company? It's because they go beyond 2 levels within their commission structure. Some people might argue with that, but I differentiate 2-tier affiliate programs from MLM (3 or more levels).

Is GVO a Scam?

First of all, based on searching through the FTC site on June 21, 2022, Joel Therien's Global Virtual Opportunities (GVO) business model is not currently under scrutiny by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for possible pyramid scheme allegations. The FTC's website provides a detailed explanation of what an MLM scheme is and you'll find companies that have been investigated. 

The FTC has documented several common features of MLMs, including high pressure sales tactics, unrealistic expectations about how much money participants can make, and a lack of disclosure about the cost of joining and making money in the scheme. All of these elements could not be found in Therien's GVO business model. Joel has mentioned many times that this business opportunity requires hard work.

In many traditional MLM's that I've seen, participants are told they can make huge profits quickly by selling products to other members (internal consumption). In those schemes, it's been heavily reported that only a small number distributors have made sales before quitting. From what I've seen, that's not the case with GVO.

IMHO, GVO is not a scam.

It’s a legit business and they’ve just used the network marketing concept to greatly expand their business. Word of mouth really worked out for GVO and I attribute this to their , ing offers and the people that they employ. The GVO staff is very quick in their customer service, and their blog is updated weekly, providing technical updates, company updates and unique selling propositions.

What should you be aware of if you decide to join GVO?

Joining GVO can provide you with the opportunity to work with some of the world's top companies and organizations. However, before joining, it is important to be aware of the Global Virtual Opportunities (GVOs) that GVO offers.

If you're just starting out, you can run this business in most companies where MLM is not prohibited. So if you're in the US, UK, or even in India, you can build this business. Of course, check out your local regulations first as they supersede anything that I've mentioned.

If you have never run a business before, or have no clue about website hosting, GVO provides access to training that will allow you to improve your skills.

Is there a better opportunity than GVO if you're just starting out in MLM or affiliate marketing?

There are many potential global virtual opportunities out there besides GVO.

For example, you could become a global consultant through online services like UpWork or Freelancer. You can build an ecommerce shop and ship out products. You can also be a coach.

However, I don't consider those lifestyle businesses. Some of the reasons why I'm providing info on this site is because I want to share my love for businesses that offer time, location, and financial freedom. That's through passive income.

I'm not talking about overnight success. Unless you win the lotto, there's nothing on this site that promises that. You can build a business through your hard work and conviction to become successful.

My opinion? Start out with the basics and leverage online marketing tools. Some people might pitch some expensive, direct selling venture. That's not what this is about. Here's what I recommend and you can start for less than the cost of a pizza. You can use the knowledge to either build an affiliate business, MLM business, or any traditional business online.

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